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Raindrops on Roses

73005796_Don’t let one “raindrop’ spoil your sunshine ~ let it feed your growth! ~ ♥ The Presents of Presence

I have a blogger friend who recently received a comment that made her sad.  Being that her blog feeds my soul on a daily basis, I was baffled how someone would take the time to criticize if it didn’t fit where they are now in their lives.  For to me, it’s a blessing to enjoy reading the banquet of blogs in my Reader ~ to get many different perspectives on the world ~ to connect with others whom I may not have been able to meet otherwise.  To me, blogging is such a special way to just ‘be’ and enjoy allowing myself the freedom to speak my truths.

It’s not that I hide myself ~ what you read is who I am.  But there are people with whom I don’t share as much as I do here on my blog for various reasons.  Usually it’s because they may think I’m too ‘woo woo’ as I put it ~ too spiritual perhaps ~ not grounded in their eyes.

But the more that I’m reaching out of my comfort zone to allow opportunities in ~ and to show my vulnerabilities ~ and to be ok with others who may find my unique self a bit out of the ordinary for them ~ the easier it’s becoming to just allow myself to blossom where I stand and allow disapproval to slide off of my back like water from a duck’s back.  It’s a constant practice for me to ground myself in order to not allow others criticisms (real or imagined) to affect what I feel/know in my heart is right for me.

I’ve been a people pleaser my entire life.  It was a role I was given and I nurtured on my own.  Peacekeeper, good girl, I never rocked the boat unless I knew for certain it was safe.  But something’s changed in the last 2 months and I can’t go back to not knowing what I know now which is ~ I need to be me, I need to let my light shine and I need to feel strong in the knowing that it’s ok if the perceived changes are met with disapproval from others.

Because it’s MY LIFE that I’m living now.

I don’t mean this to sound dramatic because it’s truly not ~ it’s just been a series of baby steps which I’ve been taking that have finally landed me into a place where I am choosing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes ~ it’s a daily, sometimes even hourly practice ~ but well-worth it!

So when I ask you to join me in Inner Hotshot University ~ to stretch out of your comfort zones just a little bit ~ it’s because to me, we need to bond together like a rainbow ~ each shining our different hues!

Your uniqueness lies in you being you ~ you are so amazing.  Don’t let one ‘raindrop’ spoil your sunshine ~ let it feed your growth!  Write what your heart tells you ~ you are touching the lives that need your love!  Be true to you!  We are all still here listening with open hearts ♥♥♥

Shine On!