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This Girl Is Not Afraid!

7180This Girl is not AFRAID! Psalm 27:1

Are you still with me ~ stretching out of your comfort zone ~ whatever that means for you?  Are you exploring your Inner Hotshot a bit these days?  Have you looked back to see what you used to be like or what you used to do without fear that you don’t do now?  And are you stretching your limits a bit?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been easing out of my comfort zone, one experience after another and the results have been really good!  I wanted to take this opportunity to check in with you before tomorrow to see if you’re still trying!  I know it’s not easy to be uncomfortable, but take it from me, it’s well-worth it!

I’ve been blessed to have my friend SAngel who has been leading the way for me ~ holding out her hand when I’ve been afraid ~ so that when I need support, a gentle push and even a pat on the back, I know she’s there for me.  It’s an amazing journey these days ~ I’m changing my life and watching it blossom the way I have felt inside!  It’s amazing when you have a supportive friend who knows what you are enduring and who stands by you when you’re uncomfortable and then praises you when you’ve accomplished the task!

Fear holds most of us back ~ the fear of looking silly to others, the fear of not succeeding, the fear of failure, sometimes even the fear of success!

I love this wallet sized inspirational card from SendOutCards.  It’s one of my favorite little gifts that I add to cards when I send them to a friend.  For some reason, the whole butterfly metamorphosis and lack of fear depicted on this card makes it just perfect!

So today, please know that I am sending you this card ~ holding out my hand to you ~ take hold ~ You are not afraid anymore!  You have a friend in me!

Shine On!