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Yoo hooooo

75426847_ 75426848_Happy Friday!  This card just made me smile and for those who like to smile, this one’s for you!  And if you can’t find a reason to smile,  I’ll lend you mine for I was a Brownie once long ago.  You know what a Brownie is, right?  It’s a younger version of a Girl Scout!

My week flew by quickly ~ it seems like it was just Monday and now it’s Friday!  Do the days seem to pass you by quickly as well?  October is just around the corner.  Are you ready for the beauty of Autumn with nature’s fashion show of leaves?  I adore all the seasons ~ to me, each one is spectacular in its own way ~ just like you!

I wanted to catch up and find out how your week went ~ so take a moment to comment below!  I’d love to hear from you!

And if you don’t know the Brownie Smile song, see below!

Shine On!




Just for a moment, I want you to think with me…think quietly for a moment

and ask yourself these questions~

Who needs to hear from you?

Who have you been meaning to reach out to and simply haven’t?

Who do you wish you’d kept in touch with but it’s been so long that you feel funny about calling them?

Who do you love?

Who do you miss?

Who do you know who needs a hug? A friendly reminder that they’re thought of by you?

Whose day would you like to make brighter?

Who do you want to thank for being there for you?

Who do you want to be there for?


The Beauty of SendOutCards is that in an instant, you can do just that…

choose a card, write a heartfelt message,

insert photos and even videos and click SEND!

SOC (SendOutCards) prints, stuffs, seals, addresses, stamps and

MAILS your card and gift for you within 24 hours!

And you haven’t left your comfy couch, you haven’t driven to a store,

you haven’t gotten off your computer!

Life is short…Valentine’s Day is now.

Why not reach out and touch someone?

Life is for the living…

Reconnect with a friend

Today’s the day!