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You Are Enough


 “I exist as I am, that is enough.” – Walt Whitman

My dears, you are enough.  Yes, you…are…enough.  Let that phrase  sink into your soul, let that thought fill your brain, flood your body with acceptance.  Allow the fears to drift from your spirit and allow the sanctity of safety to envelope your mind.  You..exist..you..are…enough.

Take a moment and just ‘be’ as they say.  Do not strive to get more housework done, vacuum one more room, pick up whatever you see on the floor, do one more load of laundry, etc.  No, this is the Sabbath day.  Whether you  believe in the day of rest or not, gift yourself with the present of presence for 5 minutes today.  5 precious minutes whereby you simply allow yourself to be quiet, to not be doing something, or planning something or thinking of something.  Clear your mind, close your eyes.  Be still.  Breathe.  Listen to the stillness.  In your heart, in your surroundings, in your soul.  Isn’t it grand?  Do you feel the peacefulness surrounding you like a warm, soft blanket of trust?  Do you feel the cocoon of wonder and beauty?  Can you breathe in the warmth of a summer’s day?  What are you experiencing?  Tell me.  What are you seeing when your eyes are closed?  Do you see the darkness in the light?  Or do you see the light in the darkness?  Can you feel serenity seeping into your bones?  Feel your heartbeat gently pumping?  Are you aware of each breathe you take and exhale?  Sometimes the sweetest moments are found within ourselves.  The wonder of the human body is not to be ignored.  You are a world unto yourself.  A tiny planet of miracles which exist daily and yet you run about blissfully unaware of the amazingness of you.  We are creatures of habit,  Willy nilly we roam in our busy lives, allowing unimportant fluff to take our energies and our awareness away from our own precious existence.  Reconnect with yourself daily.  It only takes five precious minutes to hold that strand of light inside of yourself and to harness the energy which you alone powerfully enable in your life.  So often we forget we hold the key to miracles within us.

Today on this day, be with yourself for 5 precious moments.  You are worth it. 

Shine On!