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World Cancer Day

February 4th was World Cancer Day. I didn’t know it until now, so obviously I am a day late. It’s strange how I saw people post Happy World Cancer Day and I found it hard to read. Because even though I am a cancer survivor myself, I’m not quite sure I could put the word “Happy” in front of it even though I understand how they’re thinking. That it is a day of remembrance for all cancers world-wide.

I pulled this off a post somewhere today so I can’t give credit to whomever made it unfortunately. But I was stunned as to the different colors associated with each cancer. I began to look at each one and think of those whom I know who have endured that type of cancer. It took me quite awhile to go through the color wheel of cancers as I sat quietly in their presence and sent each and every one of them a prayer of healing. To those whom we lost to their battles with cancer, I sent them a blessing and prayers up to Heaven.

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t know of someone who has had cancer, let alone anyone who hasn’t had a family member who has been touched by cancer. I truly wish we could find a cure for all of it.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the passing of a very dear friend who had pancreatic cancer. She fought her battle like the warrior she was and left family and friends bereft without her light in this world. Her legacy of love and of the inclusion of all was a blessing to many. Her family not only included the biological members and their spouses, significant others and even the children, but the ex’s as well which some may have a difficult time understanding. She made it all possible with her light of love and her compassion for all people. While she never made anyone feel uncomfortable, her welcoming nature helped many wounds heal over time and she made this world a better place by being herself.

Today I ask that you take a moment as well to review the color wheel of ribbons, each representing another cancer and take a moment to pray for those whom you know/knew who had each one cancer. You may be utterly surprised as I was as to the amount of dear friends and family’s lives that cancer has touched.

I am shining my heart light to you today and to all whom have been affected by cancer.

Shine On!


To Handle Others, Use Your Heart


To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s nearing the one year anniversary of my Dad’s passing away ~ and we are all grieving at different stages in our family.  It’s interesting to me how life has evolved since he died.  When I can observe our little threesome ~ Mom, my sister and me, I can view how it’s affected us all.  The tentacles of his death have wrapped around each of us in different ways ~ pulling and pushing our strengths and weaknesses ~ all the while, forcing us to grow, to be patient and to be more tolerant and understanding of eachother’s foibles.

It’s been a long year thus far and Mom’s acutely aware of the approaching date which marks one year since he passed away.  In fact, the other day, she blithely stated, “I guess he’s really not coming back,” which caught me unaware.  For you see, in my head, I am thinking, “Of course he’s not coming back Mom ~ he’s dead ~ he’s in that little urn/box at your house…you know this so what are you saying?”

But in my heart, the strings that tie me to her vulnerability, simple croak out in a soft voice, ” I know Mom.  It’s been a long time,” and we bond.  We bond because I know she is just saying what she’s thinking ~ without measuring it against what is known.  She just allows herself to voice how she feels and in that vulnerability, I find empathy, I find understanding…I listen with my heart and not my head.

Isn’t that all we want in life?  For someone to listen with their hearts to us ~ to bond heart to heart ~ even when perhaps we are not expressing the obvious, but the subtlety of how we are feeling?  Instead of being angry at her for not getting it which I know she does, I am lending her a wing until she can find a way to fly again, simply by getting the pain she’s endured since he passed away.

Because she’s been left alone ~ a broken little bird, lost without her other ‘wing.’  She’s been a trooper, living alone for a year when she’d never lived alone in her life.  She’s taken on many responsibilities that she’s never had.  As a team, my sister and I have taken on many responsibilities as well simply because we are a family ~and because we listen with our hearts.

As that little Disney Stitch character says,

“Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.”

Today, when handling others, listen with your heart to the words spoken and unspoken.

You make a difference ~ one heart at a time.

Shine On!


P.S.  Mom I’m so proud of you! ♥