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Childhood Cancer Votes Needed Please


Ocean of Love for Children with Cancer

A good friend of mine sent the following email this morning and because it’s such a worthy mouse click, I just felt that I needed to share as well.  Please vote ~ it only takes a moment and such good will come from it!  Thank you in advance. xo

Hi –  This is one of those “I don’t usually send these out” emails, but… –  I’d like to let you know of a friend of mine who has been nominated for the annual Mom on a Mission award. Linda Gillick is the founder and head of Ocean of Love, an organization that assists children with cancer and their families.  Many of you in our area know of Linda and the organization. While being a tenacious battler for the families of these children who are stricken with this horrible disease, she is also a loving and caring Mom who has been helping her own son, Michael, in his fight with cancer.  I have been happy to give my support to Ocean of Love for many years, as I feel there is no greater cause than caring for our children.  If you have a few seconds, open the link.  If you find Linda worthy, vote with a click of the mouse.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.  http://healthychild.org/get-involved/mom-on-a-mission/this-months-finalist/  

Shine On!