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‘Tis the Season to Send Out Love



I awoke before dawn this morning as I often do and as I rose from my warm bed after gently kissing my sleeping husband next to me, I padded down the hall, kitten tumbling along by my side, to visit both my children’s sleeping forms to plant a kiss on their foreheads ~ so very grateful, especially today, to have them home, safe, healthy and hopefully dreaming of sugar plums in their heads.  Don’t you feel it’s the little things that count so much this Sunday morning?

Before bed last night, I came upon a beautiful post http://robincoyle.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/want-to-send-a-card-to-sandy-hook-elementary-school/  which I simply have to share…as it gave such a simple, yet wonderful idea that I am reblogging it.   Yesterday I asked you to Send Out Love, breathing in and out Love to All…https://misifusa.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/in-loving-tribute/ and now today, I will ask you again for a few moments of your time.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I received so many loving cards in the mail from my school community and my students (I taught 8th grade at the time).  Their heartfelt notes and caring words helped me as I began the difficult process of healing by soothing my mind, heart and soul with the prayers and healing thoughts that I received.  Now 10 years later, I still remember the powerful healing effect their cards had on me ~ and I am ever grateful for the powerful loving light which surrounds me even today.  This is probably why, when I was introduced to SendOutCards, I instinctively understood the power of a heartfelt message in a card.

I feel like I’ve been given the biggest Christmas gift and I want to share it with you…please take a moment, click on my link below and follow the easy instructions to make a free card to send to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  If you send out love to them, I will pay for the card and postage.  You only need 10 minutes and a computer.  You can be anywhere in the world ~ it matters not ~ so please don’t feel that you need to be in the US to participate ~ and you can do it at any time!   Up at 3am because you can’t sleep?  Hop on your computer!  The instructions are in English, Spanish and French!  Just watch the quick video in the language of your choice and then click SEND A FREE CARD ~ and voila ~ you’re on your way to sending the card of your choice, writing your message and having it sent for you!

Imagine the healing power of your words ~ imagine if we as a blogging community could SEND OUT LOVE and healing thoughts and prayers to those who are hurting ~ especially during this holiday season…imagine the ripple effect across the world…one baby step at a time…imagine what we accomplish when we connect with others ~ one light at a time!

So please, click below on my website…it’s my gift…take a moment to send a free card on me.

Together we Light up the Darkness…

Shine On!


Send a Free Card on ME!

The school’s address is:

Sandy Hook Elementary School

12 Dickenson Drive

Newtown, CT   06482

In Loving Tribute…

32644914_Never take a person for granted. Hold every person close to your heart…

Yesterday, we received the news of a school shooting in Connecticut which has saddened so many especially since many of the victims were kindergarteners.  Since the news continues to unfold and for me, there’s no reason why or how something so devastating could happen, that’s not the purpose of my post…except to highlight the moment of silence I ask of you.

A moment of silence please…take a moment to breathe in love and exhale loving thoughts to everyone in the world today and yesterday who is/was suffering.  Let your love wash over them, bringing them the peaceful feeling that love ignites in hearts when it is truly felt.  Take the moment to include your loved ones, sending out your love to them on the invisible plane, guiding your love to everyone you know, sending love even to your ‘enemies’ so that all who come into contact with you feel your love today.

How do you feel?  Breathe again…breathe in the love that the world has for you and breathe out the love you have for the world.

When life becomes overwhelming as it sometimes does, breathing love in and out helps.  Chemically, psychically and emotionally, not to mention physically, breathing in and out love soothes your tired soul, emits and improves the energy which surrounds you and affects all that you connect with in a positive way.  It’s like lighting a candle to illuminate the darkness except that you need no candle ~ nothing more than yourself and your loving thoughts.

So today, please take the present moment for yourself and for others and send out love…hold everyone close to your heart…

Enjoy the Presents of Presence for that is your gift ~

A gift that you are given every moment of everyday.

Know that I am here for you ~ keeping you all in my heartfelt thoughts ~

Together we are connected and we make a difference.

Shine On with Love!


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