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Shine On Harvest Moon!


The sweet harvest moon which hasn’t occurred in October since 2009 was present last night.  Did you see it?  Ours was cloud covered so I didn’t get a good photo, thus the above one which wasn’t taken by me.

Spiritually, there’s much to say about the Harvest Moon from The Power Path:

  A good day to focus on what feeds you and to nurture your desires. Practice spending time in both being and doing, gratitude and inspiration. There is also some good chi around this full moon that can either throw you into, or out of a situation, relationship, attitude or pursuit of a dream. Unexpected turnabouts could happen so pay attention and be present so you can roll with the punches instead of under them.

Even National Geographic has a lot to say about it!

When I hear the words Harvest Moon, I remember my Mom singing the song below.  Does anyone else know this tune?

Shine On!



I Won’t Back Down – A Survivor’s Song


A few years ago, I wrote this post about my friend Jenn with whom I endured chemotherapy when we both had breast cancer.  Jenn lost her battle with the disease as you can read here.

October always reminds me of her smile and fighting spirit.  Her anthem was Tom Petty’s song, I Won’t Back Down, so I thought it was fitting on so many levels to pay a tribute to her during Breast Cancer Awareness month and to Tom Petty who passed away yesterday and even to those who lost their lives at the concert in Las Vegas.

I’m crying this morning for so many reasons.  I’ve been listening to Tom Petty’s song for Jenn and for everyone else.  The grief is real on so many levels for me.

Hold your loved ones close today.  Love with your whole heart everyday.  Be strong and stand up to evil.  Show kindness to all with whom you meet.  You never know what type of battle we are silently enduring.  Keep your heartlight lit for all to see.  You are a vital part of this world.

Shine On!


Music Is…


Music is the shorthand of emotion -Leo Tolstoy

Music heals.  Music evokes memories.  Music soothes.  Music allows us to reach inside and regain our power.  Music is a big part of my life.  I played piano for years.  I still have a piano which is now in my garage, unable to be used due to damage.  I miss singing and playing piano.

I find that there are songs which remind me of good times in my life, ones that remind me of people who have passed away and there are some songs which remind me of sad times.  Tears sometimes escape unbidden when I listen to certain songs.  There’s such an emotionality to music.  It touches the heart, the mind and the soul with each note, each lyric, each rhythm and beat.

Alzheimer’s Disease takes that part last I’ve been told.  Music, lyrics are the last to go which holds a special part of my heart’s hope.  Glen Campbell’s special I’ll Be Me  showed us that point.  Haven’t you ever heard a song and felt like you were transferred back in time, another decade, another era, another part of your life that now is so far gone that it almost feels like it never happened to you and then POOF you hear a familiar tune and VOILA, the memories return, flooding back, filling our minds with memories that we may have thought were lost.

So the next time you are listening to music, think about it!  We are all connected!

Shine On!



Good Morning Starshine


  Good Morning Starshine

Begin the week right ~ smile and sing!  Look up to the sky and give thanks!  You are here!  You shine!  I am reminded of the song Good Morning Starshine, do you know it?  Does it bring back any happy memories for you?  I find that music evokes emotions and memories, some so sweet and long forgotten that it’s a pleasure to remember them again.  Ease into the week ahead…join me Starshines!

I hope this song puts a grin on your face today!

Shine On!