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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge ~ Kitty Komfort

76211677_Tiffy in my arms, wrapped in my fuzzy sweater.

Now that the weather’s a bit brisk, my feline companion, 5 year old American Bobtail Tiffany, affectionately referred to as Tiffy, follows me around when I wear my morning comfy sweater.  There’s an urgency in her meow, a plaintive cry that demands being snuggled like a baby in a papoose for a few minutes every morning.  Usually I am able to get a swig of my first cup of coffee before she insists on being present with me for awhile.  And I must say, I do not mind at all.  It is our bonding time.  Her little furry body nestles in my arms, purring quite unabashedly as we simply breathe in the same rhythm and bond.  Her whole body resonates in that purr, vibrating at a timbre that my heart actually feels.  As her eyes close in bliss (and mine do as well), we just enjoy the Presents of Presence, the peacefulness before the hubbub of the day begins.

We just are ~ 2 souls who connect.

And isn’t that the way it should be with all of us, human and animal alike?  I unashamedly tell you this story, with the nagging feelings that you may name me ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ but I don’t mind.  The truth is that it’s a special moment that I cherish.  It’s the blessing of being open to accept and to give love unconditionally and I relish the daily feeding of my heart and soul.

It’s not to say that I don’t feel that way about my human family/children because I do.  But they are bigger now and don’t quite fit the same way anymore as Tiffy does in my arms.  Being teenagers, they are bigger than I am ~ and I’m not quite sure how they’d feel about me hopping up into their laps to be held baby-like wrapped in a soft sweater! LOL

So this morning, as you sip your tea or coffee, take a moment to imagine the universe embracing you with loving arms, snuggling you in its fuzzy sweater, a cherished soul wrapped in love.

You are special.  You are loved.

Shine On!



Breakfast at Tiffany’s

TnJ1 TnJ2 TnJ3 TnJ4

Tiffy and Jack

Tiffany aka Tiffy is our 5 year old American Bobtail kitten ~ whoops, cat ~ although I still think of her as a kitten.  Probably because she was Chessie’s sister and to diferentiate the girls, I called Chessie who passed at almost 17 yrs old in March our cat, and Tiffy the kitten.  At 5 she is still as spry as ever and gets into trouble at times.  To me she is just a joy and my best pal and shadow.  We hang together often at the house now that my ‘first born’ Chessie has passed away.  I still miss my Chessie and Tiffy can’t take her place, but it’s comforting to have Tiffy’s soft furry warm self nearby!

Jack is a goldfish as you can see above.  He was a feeder goldfish that the kids won at a fair.  He had 2 brothers ~ Manny and Moe, but last year, they died, one after the other.  But Jack’s still swimming!  If memory serves correctly he is now over 2 years old which I think in fish years is 20! 🙂

Every morning, Tiffy hops up to hang with her favorite aquatic pal while I make some coffee.  In fact, she and Jack bond and remind me in not so subtle ways that it’s their breakfast time too!  Tiffy meows loudly while Jack swims to the surface, opening and closing his mouth, hoping to catch my eye as he does the morning breakfast wiggle.  FEED ME!!!

So, I happily oblige after giggling at their antics!  It’s their sure-fire way to start my day off right!  I open the drawer, take out the fish food and as I take a pinch to sprinkle over the top of Jack’s bowl, Tiffy makes sure that she gets her little snout into the container and licks a little bit of the flakes too!

By that time, Mommy’s coffee is ready and we are all happy!  As I walk to the refrigerator for a bit of cream, I pass by Tiffy’s bowl and feed her too!

Finally, I can sit and relax and enjoy the dawn of a new day!

Do you have pets that make your morning brighter?

Shine On!


Thanks Michelle for the new weekly challenge!  http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/michelles-weekly-pet-challenge-1/