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I Will Remember You…


 Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.

~ Mitch Albom

What is it you remember about your loved ones who have passed?  How is it that you want to be remembered when it’s your turn?  I recently heard that you are only remembered for 3 generations after you die.  As it was explained to me, your friends and family remember you, the generation below you (your children) remember you and perhaps their children remember you (or at least remember hearing stories about you) and if you are so lucky to have the generation before you still living, perhaps they will remember you.

It seems sad, don’t you think to be forgotten so quickly.  So how is it that you can be remembered?  I love the quote above from one of my favorite authors.  Love.  Be love.  Touch hearts, minds and people with your goodness.  Golly, imagine if our wealth was measured by how much we loved and how much we were loved.  Wouldn’t our lives, our planet and our world change for the better?

How amazing would our existence be if we all just strive for love!

You are love.

Shine On!