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The Rainbow Connection


Rainbow cloud over morning moon with star

(taken w/iPhone5)

Yesterday my son and I went out to the bus as we do every morning and it was he who happened to turn around to see this spectacular sight!  I rushed to get my phone from my pocket to take the photo as it only lasted a minute or two before the cloud and rainbow dissipated.  I am so grateful that we were able to capture it as I had never seen this before ~ and I am so sorry that the photo is fuzzy because it was truly amazing.

But it reminded me in a gentle way as many nudges from the Universe/God/Source/Spirit come ~ to take time to see all the nuances of life during the hustle and bustle season.  And according to the Muppets, to make a wish on the morning moon star, especially if it encompasses a rainbow!

So here I am…

My wish is for love to encompass the Earth, fill all of our hearts with its magic

and to bring peace as well to all mankind.

Shine On!



Do you remember The Rainbow Connection from the Muppet Movie?