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Returning The Favor


Click here to see the episode about Carol Stark!

Today while on Facebook, I came across a post from Mike Rowe in my newsfeed for his new show called Returning the Favor.  I sat mesmerized and enthralled in this new show and in the concept of highlighting those who make connections, help others and do it all with love and understanding.

Click on Carol’s name above and take a look for yourself.  You are sure to be inspired!  We all have the ability to change lives and to help others.  When we shine our heartlights, we connect with love.  Take heart, there are lots of us out there like Carol!  Follow along with Mike’s new show!  I know I am going to be doing it!  What a feel good way to enjoy a tv show!

Shine On!


Everything Is An Act Of Love

Everything Is An Act Of Love.PNG

Today I watched a video from Mind Valley where Neale Donald Walsch was speaking with Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mind Valley).  I have included the video below and some of the phrases which beckoned to me in understanding what Conversations With God Book 4 is all about according to its author Neale Donald Walsch.

Here are a few highlights…

Every act is an act of love….even if it’s a distorted act of love.

Love expresses itself in many forms.

If you loved nothing, you’d fear nothing.

What do you love so much, that you’re willing to hurt me to experience it?

What hurts you so much, that you feel you have to hurt me to heal it?

God doesn’t have to forgive us for anything

Love is all there is.  There is only one energy in the universe.  Love is expressed in many forms.  Fear, for instance, is an expression of love.  Fear is love demonstrated in a particular way.  For instance, if you loved nothing, you’d fear nothing.  The only fear is the loss of what you love or the not getting of what you love.

We don’t seek to heal or to end this by fighting, we seek to end this by understanding.  Remember this always, understanding replaces forgiveness in the mind of the master.  You understand why they did what they did.

Here’s the video clip which explains it better than I ever could.  What do you think?

Shine On!



Just Do Your Best

74611925_We’ll just do our best, right?

Blogging connections happen sometimes over time and sometimes instantaneously.  When it happens instantaneously, it’s that almost audible click between two souls, like when you buckle your seat-belt.  Has this ever happened to you ~ you meet someone for the first time and you just know that you can trust each other and that you are friends with a special connection?  It’s happened to me a few times in my life and it always makes me wonder what triggers that immediate friendship spark?   Is it a soul to soul connection ~ perhaps our spiritual selves recognize a kinship?  Or is it more profound, that we’ve perhaps been souls on similar journeys in the past and we’ve met up again suddenly? Or is it just the way life works ~ we are open to friendship and the other person is too so we become friends?

Well, when MoJo and I connected, it was like ‘we was peas and carrots’ (a la Forrest Gump!) and I knew my life had been ignited like a summer sparkler!  We connected about a year ago.  I can’t explain it any more than I can explain the Big Bang Theory to you.  All I can say is that I am honored to be her friend and I am grateful for our connection.  Because isn’t that what blogging is all about?  Learning about others, connecting, inspiring, sharing, expanding our lives to unite this planet as one!

I awoke this morning to read her latest blog post ~ excited because she’s been away for a bit ~ and I was greeted with a phrase that I had said in response to one of her recent blogs.  I hadn’t thought anything of it ~ I had commented as I normally do.  But the phrase I used stuck with her ~ We’ll just do our best, right? ~ and I am honored to say that she used it in her blog!  As we say in fishing, her blog’s a keeper (and not just because she used my phrase!)  Check her out ~ you’ll be hooked like me!

Click here ~ While I Appreciate the Effort!

I guess it’s like I was saying in yesterday’s blog post, everyday we get a chance to make a difference and sometimes you don’t even realize the difference that you are making simply by being yourself!  I know that for me,

I am truly grateful for the differences you all make in my life and I just want to thank you.


So please hug yourself for me!

Just do your best…and

Shine On!


I See You


I See You

Did you ever see the 2009 movie Avatar?  Do you remember when Jake Sully and Neytiri both say, “I see you,” to each other?  It’s a poignant moment and it’s one that has stayed with me even years later.  Last night in my dream, I said it to a friend of mine who is battling stage 4 mouth cancer.  I’ve heard that he’s having a dark time of it and having a hard time finding hope in his life.  In my dream, I didn’t know what else to tell him so I simply reminded him that ‘I see you.’

For you see, I understand a bit how he feels.  His face has been disfigured ~ his smile is a bit lopsided now since the cancer was removed ~ in pictures that I’ve seen of him, the smile is in his eyes, but his mouth and facial expressions just don’t quite coincide with what if you knew him, you can tell what he’s trying to do.  It makes me sad.

He lives faraway from me so we haven’t talked because he’s isolated himself.  But I send him cards every once in awhile.  Just a little bright and cheery card so that he knows someone is thinking of him.  We’ve known each other for over 30 years although we haven’t talked in about 5 years.  I keep in touch with how he’s doing through his mom who is a dear friend of mine.

I see you ~ what a memorable statement to make to someone.  Have you ever really thought about it?  Have you ever really ‘seen’ another person?  You know, that deep down soul to soul contact which scatters the frivolity of the outside of another person and concentrates on the goodness and who that person truly is at their core?  It’s that knowing of their soul deep down.  It’s the “I remember who you really are no matter how you are acting now and what is going on with you.”  It’s seeing that beauty in another person even when their outside has changed or isn’t recognizable.

Imagine saying it yourself ~ I see you ~ a gentle reminder to your soul.

I see you.

It’s what I want to tell him.  I get it.  Our outsides are now disfigured and we don’t look the way we used to look.  Our bodies have changed dramatically and we’ve battled cancer mind, body and soul.  I’ve had self-esteem issues myself and I hate what the cancer and surgeries have done to my body.  It’s embarrassing to look at and hard to accept the new normal of my figure, my body and my femininity.  It’s difficult to accept the new normal and the reality of the situation.  For me, I thought it would get better as time went on, but there are times where I must go back to square one and climb out of the self-pity hole again in order to continue on this journey of endurance.

I see you.

Perhaps there is someone in your life who needs to hear you say this to them?  You can give that special gift of acceptance, love and understanding to someone today.  Think about it ~ I know I had to write this post today and share this story with you.  Was this a nudge for you too?

Imagine saying it yourself ~ I see you ~ a gentle reminder to your soul.

Imagine if we could all say, ” I see you,” to each other!

What a peaceful place we would inhabit!

Shine On!