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Let’s Fire Up Your Life!

40241_Anything that is worth having is worth working for.

Good morning!  I’m reblogging a post from Open Your Journey ~ Create the life you’ll love to live ~ as I think it’s an excellent way for us to kick off IHU (Inner Hotshot University) and hopefully get you moving and grooving!  Start thinking about what you want to try to do as your personal stretch out of your comfort zone goal for the week.  It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be something that makes you take that baby step!  I think we’ll start on Friday so start thinking what you’re going to try to do!  Remember we’re all here together to connect and to help each other succeed!  I believe in you and I know we can do it together!

I’m thinking that we can also connect via my FB The Presents of Presence Click here!  There we could communicate on a more immediate basis!  What do you think?  When you need a bit of applause, we could all gather there as well on a daily basis!  Stop by when you get a chance!  I post inspirational tidbits and giggles to brighten the day!

I hope that you get fired up below and hop on over to Bobbi’s blog when you get a moment!  She’s a life coach and has some great ideas ~ and if you’re interested, she can be your life coach as well!

Let’s Find Your Old Spark To Fire-Up Your Life!

“Fire-Up, you say?” with tears at the ready edge of the thought of adding anything to this never-ending, overstuffed schedule called life. I can hear you protesting from the depth of your unfulfilled soul, “But, I’m exhausted! I do everything for everybody, all day, every day, except for me, and there’s simply no time left over!”

Well, I hear you, and I truly empathize. I was that woman scattered in every direction, every day like a hamster in his little pretend merry-go-round wheel. In fact, sometimes, on a low day, I just wanted to jump off that merry-go-round because it just wasn’t that merry anymore, and I sadly resented feeling locked into it. I loved my family, and I loved my career, and I loved all the friends and neighbors, and causes, etc., but my plate was simply too full. And I’m not saying I really, really wanted to run away (though I occasionally dreamt about being on a desert island quite happily), but I couldn’t see a way to make the exhausting repetition and expectations stop. I didn’t know how to carve out room for me. My energy was drained and there was no time for that, so then came the colds…basically this was my “dis-ease” time in my life.

So, having been there, I feel for you, and I feel for so many people I know right now. Friends I once knew as happy and productive people, now have lives completely driven by the daily saucer-juggling that fills and evaporates their every day. The only sense of calm they have is their feeling of “not-too-far behind” as they collapse on their pillows, night after exhausting night. And now that they have lost their spark, they have lost their joy. Happiness, for them now, is the occasional vacation, but with just a different to-do list and almost not worth it.

Okay, so remember back when you felt alive, energized by new ideas and creativity, and you felt free to try new things and embrace life? Try hard, now, you know there was a time! Maybe you have to go as far back when you were a teenager, but I know you can remember having a zest for life somewhere in your history. That’s what you want back. You want a fire in your belly…sparked by a passion…a reason to feel alive and participating…making a difference…connecting with what you’re here to embrace. And the path to that old spark is becoming re-acquainted with your worthiness. My guess is you forgot you deserve to be giving your excitement and gifts to the world. You only need to go inside of you to your deepest and safest sanctuary to remember your inner voice. Listen. It says you are here for a reason. This lifetime isn’t a practice, so you can and should be exploring, creating, teaching, learning, giving, growing, and making a difference in the wholeness of your existence! All in little steps starting with believing you could…believing you should…believing you can…believing you will…and then reaching for what inspires you to go for your joy.

How about you take a baby step today? Start with a belief that you deserve to have a life that includes your happiness, too. (Okay, so maybe that’s a giant step for you? I don’t know, but, you have to admit, it’s not unrealistic.) Add to that a little brainstorming and some creative planning with someone who believes in you and can keep you on your “I-deserve-it” track. And voila! Your spark will be back! Just imagine that…I mean really, really imagine yourself…energized, fired-up, and happy! Will it be worth it? You better believe it! So why are you waiting?


Shine On!


The Perfect Plan!

You have to dream up the perfect plan!

Now I don’t understand a lot about football, but I did enjoy watching the Super Bowl yesterday with friends and family.  I rooted for the Giants as I’m a Jersey Girl at heart and you probably already know ~ they won!  I won’t give you the replay because quite frankly, it’s like trying to tell you the story of Gone With the Wind in 10 minutes!

But enough of my football ramblings because I chose this card because of the saying…like I do for most of them…and for how they can apply to today!

A plan…yes, we need a plan…a goal…a touchdown…something completely believable and achievable…do you have one?

Remember as a child when you played and there were no limits to what you could achieve?  You could pretend to soar like an eagle, wave your magic wand and a pony would appear of your very own making or even swashbuckle with Captain Hook and score a win for the Lost Boys…see what I’m getting at?

You can accomplish whatever you want because you have a plan!

As with life, your reality is what you believe it to be.  Now I know there are those of you who will tell me that you didn’t believe in this current reality that you are living in the present moment…and I understand that you don’t want to be enduring chemo or a divorce or an emotional meltdown or an illness or financial difficulties.

So if there were no limits, what would be your believable reality?  What would make you happiest?  Get yourself a plan ~ a perfect play if you will ~ line up the steps you need to take in order to accomplish this and let’s do it!  Remember my mantra…baby steps…

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin?  Sometimes it’s hard to plan alone, but there are people who can help you!  They are called life coaches…just like football players have coaches for their games, so can you!  I know of a few who are amazing…they have helped me with my ‘game plan’ and they can help you!

The first session is always free ~ so that you can see if you both feel comfortable ~ this is your life!

Even if you weren’t rooting for the Giants yesterday ~ you can win this Game of Life by getting a plan!

Let’s go team!  You are are not alone!

YOU are our MVP!