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Peace and Koi


Peace and Koi

Peace and Koi

Finding peace within sometimes take a little help from Mother Nature.  I watch as the koi swim in the pond, allowing each fish his own path, intersecting, bumping and swimming, always on the go.  Small chipmunks and lively squirrels come by to rest and refresh themselves ~ a sip of the cool water from the pond is all that it takes to quench their thirst and off they go on their merry way.  Birds stop in for a little bath now and again.  Some even perch on the side to sip before flying off to parts unknown.  Spiders build a web to catch some of the little bugs that fly by.  Zipping by the water to catch a drink, dragonflies skim the surface before taking their leave.  Suddenly there’s a splash from nowhere and up pops a little frog’s head.  He’s hopped there into the mix as well, floating lazily on the fountain’s current as the koi swim serenely underneath the surface.

It’s a lively oasis and a peaceful one as well.  Everyone’s busy on their own agenda, yet living in peace and harmony.  Live and let live.  There’s love, survival and beauty in our little pond  I hope you find a little peace and koi here along with me.

Shine On!


 P.S.  I tried to upload a video of the scene, but it wouldn’t work because it was an imovie.  Anyone know how to change the format so I could include it?  I just thought I’d ask…have a lovely day!