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The Gift of Choice

In my last post I asked you about making lemons into lemonade…then, I found this inspiring woman and had to share her story with you. She’s got her heartlight lit and shining for all to see and I just love that about her. Her honesty, her humor, her way of seeing life’s challenges will summon your inner strength and renew your spirit.

Isn’t that what sharing is all about in this life? Each of us learning from the other person’s experiences, holding hands and helping each other over the rough spots? Making lemonade and sitting on the porch on a warm afternoon together, sharing the moment of peace? Knowing that someone’s supporting you through the hard times is a priceless gift and one that I always appreciate.

It’s always about how you look at the situation that you’re in. The GIFT OF CHOICE is yours to do with how you wish…so, now let me introduce you to Kathy…

A living example of turning lemons into lemonade, Kathy inspires people to determine their life’s course by sharing her own stories of hardship and self-discovery. She is an active volunteer for causes close to her heart, and volunteers at many children’s charities including No Limits, a non-profit organization for children who are deaf and hard of hearing


Keep shining your heartlights my friends and making that delicious lemonade!

Shine On!