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To enlighten is to give someone greater spiritual insight or knowledge about a subject.  It’s also to illuminate and to inform and to shed light on an object.

My life thus far has been a series of moments and experiences which have miraculously helped me to open up spiritually.  It is with much gratitude that I acknowledge those that walked with me on this path, especially when times were hard, sharing experiences, giving advice, being open to listening with careful attention and shedding light on situations that I may not have been able to myself.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I am happy in the present moment.  Even when the skies get cloudy or times get hard, I always turn my face towards the light in hopes of feeling peace, love, and The Presents of Presence.

I hope you have a lovely day today too.  I woke up with this song in my head this morning which I think is perfect for a Sunday.  Please enjoy and continue to shine your heartlights on all as you help us to become enlightened by your knowledge, your insight and your joy.

Shine On!


Thanks John Denver for the Sunshine song.  Do you remember this one?


Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others,

Cannot keep it from themselves. -James M. Barrie

Stevie Wonder, Ricky Nelson, John Denver, The Beatles, Bill Withers, The Police, Katrina and the Waves, The Grateful Dead and even the Brady Bunch have sung about sunshine…among countless others whom I found when I googled songs about sunshine…there were more than 100 listed!

I found them on this website ~ if you’re interested.


I find it so fascinating that those who radiate sunshine in their lives, bring so much joy to themselves and to others simply by being themselves.  I am so grateful that I was able to lunch with my longtime friend BAngel who was in town for a few days.  As we chatted throughout our 3 hour lunch, I was constantly reminded of her sunshine (hence the post) which radiates from her at all times.  It is completely without her knowing what a blessing she is to all whom she comes into contact with at any moment of any day.  It is so much fun to watch others light up when she meets them ~ and it is delightful to see that she has no idea of the powerful light which emanates from her ~ human sunshine as it were.

I strive for that inner beauty as well…I aspire to be that beacon of hope, that ray of sunshine in the lives of others.  I want to make this world a better place by inspiring others to smile, to hope, to persevere, to take baby steps, to connect with each other and to enjoy the Presents of Presence.

 May the Sunshine warm your day today ~ and the moonlight light your path at night.

Have a blessed day!