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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Jake is the Man!

Happy Wednesday!  Let me introduce you to Jake ~ my son’s friend’s dog.  This picture was taken of him at the soccer fields, waiting for his ‘human brother’ to finish his game.  Jake was in the front seat (where he believes he belongs) of his ‘Mom’s’ car.  He sits up like this all the time so that he can see what’s going on outside the car.  What a lovely dog ~ he loves to be in the middle of the action and believes he is a huMAN and not a dog!  Because he was a bit exposed, he asked me to put a little something in front of his (ahem) package so as to keep his modesty intact.  So, of course, I added a J flag ~ and then got carried away by putting him in the doghouse!  Note his front paws are short so that he can’t put them down on the ground like most dogs so that’s why I found this picture of him so precious!  He’s sitting up like a human!  By the way, he’s an 8 year old cockapoo!

Thanks to Michelle for the 2nd weekly pet challenge!  This is so much fun! ♥

Shine On!


For Michelle’s challenge, you can post pictures of your pets or even your friend’s pet.  See the link below to participate!
“Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”