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NYC from the Sky


I took this shot from my window seat on the airplane yesterday.  Seated almost over the wing, I grabbed my camera quickly as the skyline of New York City emerged.  I am no photography expert, but I find the photo so interesting, don’t you?  What do you see when you look at it?  Please share below!

Just thought I’d share…Happy Tuesday…Mardi Gras for those who are inclined…

Shine On!


A Stroll on the Beach

The Presents of Presence

So I honored myself after yesterday’s post (and card sending) with a stroll on the local beach.  Here is where my heart feels most at home, amidst the soothing ocean sounds of waves quietly lapping against the sand.  All was quiet, so early did I rise, that there were few people there and I was able to enjoy the gift of the moment alone, untethered by others around me.  It was magnificent, healing and powerful.

The sun basking in the sky, brightening everything in her path, I sat by the seashore, fingers and toes wiggling in the sand.  Like a child, I allowed the my hand to mimic the sands through an hourglass, funneling streams of sand to the beach from my outstretched hand.  Many years have passed since I have played in the sand and it was here that I was able to allow myself some healing time in which to breathe in the ocean air, fill my lungs and my heart with the Presents of Presence.

I watched the local surfers as they relaxed on their boards, waiting for the perfect wave to ride to shore.  It was picture perfect.  In fact, I took the photo above along with many more as I didn’t want to forget a moment of the experience.  I love how you can just see the rays emerging from the sun.  I have not done anything to the photo except to add the words at the bottom.

Life is spectacular, don’t you think?

Shine On!





Look Up! An Angelic Cloud

2014-07-25 20.11.24

We took a drive last night and got caught by a small bridge opening up ~ so I hopped out of the car to stand on the bridge while we waited for 3 boats to go through and took this photo.  What an amazing sky we experienced and this iPhone 5 photo doesn’t begin to do justice to the rainbow colors in the sky.  But you get the peaceful beauty of the moment, don’t you?

Shine On!