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Heartlight Sky

I happened to look up. I wasn’t searching for a sign, but isn’t that just God-like and just like the Universe to let me know that feeling heart-centered is perfectly right in this present moment? I have always been a skywatcher. I love nature and sip my coffee outside often in the mornings to commune with Mother Nature. The wildlife here don’t disappoint with their silly antics, nor the birds with their visits and beautiful songs.

Cloud watching is an art form and I remember being a child and looking up at the clouds and letting my imagination take over. I could conjure up visions of clouds in the shapes of mountains, smiley faces and even dragons at times. But my delight in seeing a cloud in the sky, shaped like a heart was contagious!

It happened last evening and if you look closely, you can see the stars in the sky twinkling. The flash on the iPhone camera is why the photo seems as if it’s daylight, but it’s not. I was talking with a friend when suddenly I looked up and there the heart was right in front of me! I quickly took the photo and within minutes the heart cloud had faded away. Was it a sign from Heaven?

Being present is so important, don’t you think? Big grin. You know I believe in The Presents of Presence! For if I had waited even a few minutes, the heart-shaped cloud would have been gone and I would have missed my opportunity to remember that moment of the awe-inspiring beauty that nature delivers! Indeed, I wouldn’t have been able to share it with you today!

Capturing that moment still makes my own heart sing with delight! Because even the sky shares its heartlight with us when we take a moment to be fully present!

Shine On!


PS What else do you see in the photo? What do you think the cloud shape is to the left of the heart?

Angelic Clouds ~ Deeds Count


What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~ Dan Brown

When you look at the photo above, what do you see?  I see a cloud angel.  I snapped this with my trusty iPhone camera awhile back.  Then I came across the quote above from my friend over at Chalkboard Quotes click here to visit  and thought it was a perfect match for a Saturday!

Do you ever think of what will happen when you die?  Who will remember you?  In what capacity will you be remembered and by how many people?  Will you be the memory that brings a smile, a tear, a blessing?  Or will you be the memory which dies after time?

I want to make a difference in lives that I touch, in the people that I connect with in my life.  I don’t need a big legacy to leave.  Just a smile, a happy memory of something I’ve said or done to help, a small token of kindness that perhaps didn’t change your life, but simply changed the moment for the better.

I’m simple that way.  I just want to help you find happiness.  To be your biggest fan and to support your amazing self.  I just want you to find inner peace and revel in it!

Shine On!