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foreignThere are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

I have been away as you may have noticed that I’ve not been answering comments nor visiting blogs the last few weeks.  It has been a lovely time to get away with my family and we were without internet for much of the time.  As much as I have missed connecting with all of you, I must tell you how wonderful it was to be totally living in the now without distractions.  A great lesson which I hope to continue in my life without so much fanfare.

I love to travel, I always have.  I enjoy meeting people, learning about their lives and cultures and expanding my horizons.   For now, I am content with being an armchair traveler via our blogging connections.   Because connecting with others is what it’s all about ~ isn’t it?

My sincerest wishes for a Happy Friday/Saturday to all of you! 

May your weekend be as lovely and friendly as you all are to me!

Shine On!


Would You Push The Red Button?


Would You Push The Red Button?

A little Monday reminder to keep stretching out of that comfort zone that you put yourself in ~ thanks Denise for the great post! 

It’s my pleasure to reblog!

Enjoy!  Viva Inner Hotshot University!

Shine On!