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Healing The Inner Child


As I understand it, the inner child is you, between the ages of 6-8 years old.  That inner child carries the knowledge of love for you.  If you were given conditional love at a young age (meaning love could be given or taken away) which is the complete opposite of unconditional love which is what we all strive for, then the inner child holds that belief.

I recently had a healing experience in which my inner child has been reminded that we seek unconditional love, but that we also understand conditional love and the why’s and how’s by which others may only be able to love conditionally.  It was a startling revelation for me and for my inner child which I found so healing.

When given the opportunity to voice herself, the inner child has much to say and when all parts of us can work together, we can heal.  It is amazing to me how one session of hypnotherapy – parts therapy – worked wonders in my life.

Have you ever tried hypnotherapy?  I found the experience to be a wonderful tool to help me heal.  It made such a positive difference in my life.  I just want to thank Bobbi Rise for her patience, knowledge and professionalism.  If you’re interested in a session, you can find her here!  Give her a call and see how your life can transform and heal!

Shine On!



It’s Fate


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life

and you will call it fate.”

~ Carl Jung

I have a friend who is studying to be a hypnotherapist.  I’ve never known anyone who is a hypnotherapist, nor have I gone to see one.  It’s been interesting to me as she has hours and hours of classes and is learning so much new information which just boggles my own mind.  When she shares an interesting tidbit she learns from her class, many times I’m simply speechless for it takes me a few minutes to wrap my thoughts around what she’s just learned.  Of course, she probably simplifies it for me which makes it easier for me to digest.  But all in all, I think that our minds are so very powerful and at work in our lives 24/7 to degrees we laypeople have never even imagined.

So when this quote popped up in my life today, I knew I had to share it.  For how many times have you just decided ‘it was fate’ that you met your loved one at the grocery store, or ‘fate’ that brought you and a friend somewhere at the same time, or ‘fate’ that you and your first boyfriend found each other again on Facebook?

Fate Fate Fate

(said like Marsha Marsha Marsha ~ from The Brady Bunch)

So…today I’m asking you…

Do you believe in fate?

Have you ever seen a hypnotherapist or know someone who has?

What do you think of Carl Jung’s quote?

I’m eager to learn more so please share with me!

Shine On!