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An Easy Answer to your Promptings!

Just sending a wave your way!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just feel like you should reach out and see how a particular friend or family member is doing?  Perhaps you just get a brief moment’s feeling or thought in your head about them…

but you don’t want to call or text…

you want it to be special?

Well, that’s called a PROMPTING!

That inner voice of wisdom gives you the chance to make connections, touch lives and be the soul you are in the human body!  How many times have you thought of a long lost friend only to let the thought slip away because you don’t have enough time to call them, texting doesn’t seem the right solution and so you just do nothing…and then time goes on and you get busy again…

What if you could, when that prompting hits, quickly pick a card from a computer, anywhere in the world, write a little hello message to your friend and click SEND and immediately your card is on it’s way…and it’s not an e-card ~ it’s a REAL CARD!  One that you have to open…you know the treasure nestled in the pile of junk mail and bills…the envelope that’s going to be the first card your friend opens because it’s not junk nor a bill nor an advertisement…it’s a bit of connection…a bit of friendship…a bit of love!

What if you didn’t have to find a computer to do it?  What if you could use your iPhone?  What if you could do it from a FREE APP?!

Well, you can…and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!

In the meantime, take a moment and think about the beauty in your life, the fun characters you know and love ~ the college roommates you’ve lost touch with, the best friends from childhood that you don’t see anymore…what about the cousins (bucking-expectations) whom you’ve lost touch with just because of circumstances beyond your control!

Life is richer because of the connections we make in it…we only have a short time here my friends ~ Does everyone in your life know how you feel about them?  Today’s the day to send a smile, renew a relationship, grow a friendship, send out love and increase your own happiness as you increase others!

How do you want to be remembered?

What are you waiting for?

Use your Promptings!