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When You’re Down and Troubled…


When you’re down and troubled…

reach out, for you’ve got a friend.

I’ve not been posting recently, but I’m back and trying to catch up with my blog reading that I’ve missed.  As I was wandering through your posts dear friends, I noticed that some of you are having major troubles of your own.  In your posts, I read/hear/understand that illness/stress/dementia etc. have got you down.  I’ve been there.  To a few of you, I suggested baby steps, positivity and gratitude for what we do have right at this moment for those are what have helped me through my journey.  But what if you are spinning and simply don’t know how to deal with the mess you’re in?  It’s easy to read suggestions, but harder to accomplish them when you are not able to muster the energy to begin.  Sometimes you need a friend to walk with you, to hold your hand, to praise the baby steps as you begin again.

I understand.

But, you also need to inspire yourself in little ways that work for you.  Nobody wants to be around someone who is complaining, crying all the time and not trying to help themselves.  Throw the pity party when you need to, but realize that if you continue to want to party that way, there will be fewer in attendance.  Also realize that everyone has their own messes that they are working on, so it’s not necessarily that they don’t want to help you, but that they simply can’t at this time.  I think we get caught up in the web of nobody cares, when the truth is that they do care and they are also doing the best they can under their circumstances.

It’s hard, I know.  It takes patience, kindness (to ourselves and others) to heal.  It takes effort on our own parts to change our lives and it’s not an overnight fix.  It’s taking baby steps towards the goal.

For those of you on a rocky road right now, let’s work together.  Reach out and we can support eachother’s efforts right here.  Anyone want to share this period of time in their journey?  If you are interested, I can make up a simple course for us to do together.  Let me know!

You’ve got a friend.

Shine On!