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Are You a Hero?

heroI think a hero is any person really intent on making this

a better place for all people. ~ Maya Angelou

We have been talking about our power, that which is our innate loving connection with others.  Embracing our power allows us to open up to be the hero/heroine who we are meant to be in our hearts.  To connect, as pearls in a necklace, forming an unbroken chain strong enough to embrace the whole world.

Won’t you join me my friends?

Shine On!



foreignThere are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

I have been away as you may have noticed that I’ve not been answering comments nor visiting blogs the last few weeks.  It has been a lovely time to get away with my family and we were without internet for much of the time.  As much as I have missed connecting with all of you, I must tell you how wonderful it was to be totally living in the now without distractions.  A great lesson which I hope to continue in my life without so much fanfare.

I love to travel, I always have.  I enjoy meeting people, learning about their lives and cultures and expanding my horizons.   For now, I am content with being an armchair traveler via our blogging connections.   Because connecting with others is what it’s all about ~ isn’t it?

My sincerest wishes for a Happy Friday/Saturday to all of you! 

May your weekend be as lovely and friendly as you all are to me!

Shine On!


To Brighten Your Day!

Capture11thank you…for brightening my day!

Imagine going out to your mailbox and nestled in with the bills and junk mail you find a white envelope.  Hmm, it’s not your birthday.  It’s not a holiday.  But it’s addressed to you.  Before you even look through the bills, you are opening that envelope.  And out pops the card above!  How do you feel?  Are you smiling?  Do you feel appreciated ~ special ~ happy that someone took the time to say hello and to brighten your day?  It’s a priceless feeling, isn’t it?

To me, sending an unexpected card in the mail to someone makes me happy ~  it gives the recipient a priceless feeling of warmth, of joy and of appreciation.  It takes 5 minutes to send a card in the mail, but it makes a big difference in another person’s day.  In fact, cards have been known to arrive with perfect timing ~ coincidence?

So why don’t we send cards if it’s so heartwarming to do for the sender and priceless for the recipient?

1.  You have to spend time/money on transportation to the store.

2.  You are limited by the hours the store is open.

3.  We forget, we are busy people.

4.  We can’t find a card we like after wasting time standing there in the aisle reading card after card.

5.  We don’t like spending so much money on a card which can cost up to $6.99 per card plus postage.

6.  You find the perfect card, only to not like what it says!  Yikes.  Back to square one…keep looking.

7.  Darn it, I forgot to buy stamps!

8.  And where’s my address book?

There’s a solution…

Click here to get a taste of it!

Click here to Join!

You brighten my day!  That card was for you!

Shine On!