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Celebrate the lives of our loved ones…

We may never be able to explain the things that happen in this world.

All we can do is live the best life we possibly can and celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

I’m just sending a hug to all of you. A card virtually through the ether from my heart to yours for I know that many of you have been having a hard time. This isn’t an easy time in the world. We’ve lost many loved ones. Feeling unsettled hasn’t been an easy road for anyone. So I thought a little support and love was needed today. Surely, we can always use more kindness, caring and comfort.

From my heart to yours…a heartfelt hug and healing thoughts.

Shine On!


Fill the world with love

filltheworldwithloveFill the world with love ~ The Presents of Presence

You may not see these hearts in the sky when you look up because many times, to the naked eye, we cannot see the invisible shroud of love which is available to us each and every day.  I enhanced the photo above so that you could see them and hopefully feel that gift of love which surrounds you.  Breathe in the beauty and light which is yours by Divine right.  Embrace the blessings which envelop the skies, glistening like stars.

You matter.  You are blessed.  You are loved.  You are love.

Shine On!



Mid-Week Pick Me Up


Look at the sky:  That is for YOU.

Look at each person’s face as YOU pass on the street: 

Those faces are for YOU….

Remember this when YOU wake up in the the morning and think YOU have nothing. ~ Miranda July

I received an email from Oprah today and inside were different quotes (the above being one of them).  Because it spoke to me, I thought I would pass it along to you.  As ‘Hump Day’ it’s a great reminder for the rest of the week should you need a little pick me up!

You are Loved.

Shine on!