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Remember to Say Thank You


Life flows when we give and when we accept the blessings given to us.  Expressing gratitude is not difficult, but certainly is necessary.  Being appreciative for the blessings bestowed on us, little or big, requires being in a place of gratitude.  For when we ‘count our blessings’ we invite more blessings because we are showing appreciation.

Lately, I’ve been expressing my gratitude to God and to the Universe for the blessings which have been given to me.  It seems that the more I thank God and the Universe for even the simplest of gifts, the more blessings flow to me.  It’s that Law of Attraction mentality I think.  Have you heard of Law of Attraction?  I’ve written many posts on it before in my blog.  Just search Law of Attraction and surely you’ll find more about it here.

I think in our busy lives we forget to be grateful for the simplest things which we take for granted.  We become disconnected with the gifts we receive in our daily life.  Just having shelter, food, health, love and income, bare minimums is a blessing that we forget to acknowledge for there are many who lack these minimums.  Instead I think sometimes we are focused on what we don’t have or what we want, instead of what we currently have.  It’s a different way of thinking for some, but it’s a choice in how you look at it.

Is that glass half full or half empty for you?

Or are you just grateful to have the glass that can be refilled?

That’s how life is – you choose how you look at things and you can choose again when you learn more about life.  That’s the great part of life lessons!  We learn and grow at different speeds, but as we connect, we learn more because we share our lessons with those who are interested in connecting.

I have learned so much from blogging friendships that we’ve made and from friends who have taken the time to share what they have learned from life lessons.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you!  I hope that in some way, I have helped you as well.

Shine On!


What’s your glass look like?


Look at the glass above, what do you see?  Do you see a glass 1/2 empty or a glass 1/2 full?  I’ve heard that how you see your glass is a metaphor for how you look at your life!  Have you heard that too?

Now I’m normally a glass 1/2 full gal which you might have already guessed.  I innately try to find the good in every person, every situation and every day.  But, I’m human and in being in touch with my human-ness, there are bound to be days when that glass looks a bit emptier to me.  Today just happens to be one of them.

So what I thought was going to be an uplifting post, is turning out a bit differently than previously anticipated.   But one thing I’ve learned is to go with the flow, so here I flow…

I think that in being real, I have to tell you that I”m feeling a bit down in the dumps today.  Being sick with what I believe is strep throat and bronchitis (diagnosing myself a week after the rest of the family), I feel exhausted.  My glass isn’t overflowing, nor is it 1/2 full, it’s down to the last drop.  And you know what, it’s ok with me.

Why you may ask?  How can it be ok to have a glass 1/2 empty or even viewed as empty?  What happened to that 1/2 full gal?  Where did she go?  What’s going on with her?

Well, plenty my friends.  She’s realized that she’s not superhuman and that even Wonder Woman needs to take a break and take care of herself.  Whew, for me, that’s a hard lesson to learn because I juggle more balls in the air than a Ringling Brothers clown ~ and I’ve laid those balls down gently in order to pamper me and heal myself today.  I am learning the hard way that I can’t stretch myself like Stretch Armstrong (do you remember that boy doll?) and still continue to carry on my merry way.  I can’t be everything to everyone, nor is it even a possibility to be everything to one person.

I’ve given up, laid down my juggling balls.  I can’t be responsible for others all the time over myself ~ even though I want to be helpful to everyone.  I can’t put others’ needs ahead of my own by just thinking that I can march through with the determination that I use when my energy fails me.

As I’ve written before, it’s my job to make me happy ~ and it’s your job to make you happy.  I can help, but it’s not my responsibility ~  for each of us has our own life to live.  It matters not if the relationship is romantic, or if it’s with your parent, your child, a friend, a family member or whomever.  It’s simply, Love vs. Happiness.

I still have my glass 1/2 full attitude, but today’s glass is ok to just be what it is ~

1/2 empty and 1/2 full.

And that’s alright with me!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: The Glass

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?


Happier Than God…


Happier than God: Turn Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Experience

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘She has more money than God?”  How about, “Happier than God?”  Well, I had heard the first one, but never the second one…have you?  About a week ago, I was in the library looking for a new book to read and I came upon this one on the shelves.  In fact, it practically jumped out at me with the title that caught my eye!  Happier than God?  Really?  So being me, I took it out and began to read.  It’s taken me awhile to read it as it’s chock full of interesting ideas and thoughts.

You may remember that the I previously wrote about this author https://misifusa.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/the-little-soul-and-the-sun/  as his book changed my life in a remarkable way ~ it allowed me to change the way I looked at my relationships with others.  So I was not startled when this book began to open up my mind and heart as well.

I want to share a little from this book which spoke to me in hopes that it may speak to someone else.  On page 218,

“What I’m saying here is that there is always something to celebrate, so long as life is being lived. Seeing your cup as half full rather than half empty is more than a sappy aphorism.  It is the key to enduring happiness.

If you will step out of your story long enough to take an honest look, and to give life a fair chance, you will notice that in almost every instance life is showing up right now with everything you need to be content and at peace.  All you have to do to experience this is to change your requirement of this present moment.”

On page 221 he wrote, “William Shakespeare wrote, “Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so.”  He was telling us that a thing is what you call it.  With this insight he gave us the keys to the kingdom.  Bypass the drama.  Remember that nothing has any meaning save the meaning you give it.  Repeat this quietly in your mind at any moment of stress or upset:  Nothing has any meaning save the meaning I give it.”

For the above alone, I enjoyed the book although there’s an absolute plethora of new material in this book!  For me, I am “Happier than God” that I read it and you may be too if you give it a chance…click on the book below if you want to check it out!

Be Happy and…

Shine On!


Below is a clip of Neale speaking about his book!  Enjoy!