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A Funny Thing Happened In The Grocery Store


Last night, we were gearing up for our third Nor’easter which did evolve into a slushy mixture of snow and rain.  Because it makes for treacherous driving, a lot of people go out the night before to buy milk, bread, eggs –  you know, the essentials.

So when I stopped by the local grocery store last night to get a few provisions, it was really busy in there with many last minute shoppers like myself.  Usually I’m pretty methodical in my shopping.  I go up and down each aisle, but last night, I wanted to get in and get out in record time, but I wasn’t organized, so I was back and forth and all around the store.

At the last minute, I decided to get some chocolate before I left.  I started walking down the aisle and passed a high school girl who had a bemused look on her face.  Her parents were with her and as I passed by them, I smiled and stopped about a foot away to get my dessert for the night.  I could feel them staring at me and I wondered why.  So I turned and pretended to look at something on the other side of the aisle where they are all standing.  Suddenly, the woman reached out to me.

Excuse me, she said.  I have to tell you something.  I inwardly groaned.


I have a funny story to tell you.

Ok? I said as I cocked my head to the side wondering what she’s got to tell me.  She begins to giggle and now her daughter is grinning.  Her husband is staring down at his feet looking uncomfortable.

My husband’s been following you all over the store.

Oh really?  Why?  Now I’m wondering how I could have been so clueless that her husband had been following me and why she wants to tell me.

Look at us!  she exclaimed pointing to our respective outfits.  We couldn’t have been more like twins if we had tried!

I looked at her and we are both wearing black pants and light coats.  I begin to laugh because she’s right, but I’m still not getting the connection.

My husband has been following you all over the store, thinking you were me.  And he kept insisting I was zigzagging all over the store.  My daughter and I thought he was crazy!

See!  I told you that there must have been someone else who looked like you! Her husband stated, looking at me.

To me he explained, You’re a really a fast walker and you’re everywhere!  My wife and I separated to get the shopping done faster and when I looked up, I’d see who I thought was her at the other end of the aisle, so I would speed up to catch up with her.  But then when I got to the end of the aisle, she’d be gone and then I’d look around and she was down a different aisle.  But in fact, it was you.  Because you both are dressed alike.  I thought I was losing my mind.  It was like my wife was in two places at once!

Well, we all began to laugh as the husband looked sheepishly when I asked him if he hadn’t noticed that his wife had longer hair than I did?

No.  I just knew what she was wearing!

Well, that brought about a fresh round of belly laughter from us all.

As I said goodbye to them and complimented the wife on her amazing outfit, I couldn’t stop laughing to myself.  It just goes to show you that sometimes we only see what we want to see and the mind can play tricks on us!

Has that ever happened to you?  What a funny coincidence, don’t you think?

Shine On!


What To Do When You Fear The Truth


What To Do When You Fear The Truth

Recently I had a startling experience with an uninvited guest in my home with whom, unbeknownst to me, I was sharing my discarded vittles.  Yup, you guessed it ~ I had a mouse in my house!

I screamed and continued howling in fear as the mouse and I met unexpectedly one evening.  We both stared at each other, frozen in fear from my continued screeching until he finally got hold of his senses and scurried back into hiding.  The tears and fear erupted in me, like a volcano spewing and I began to shake, still staring at the place we had met.  It took quite awhile for me to calm down as the fear leapt into my brain and I worried where he’d gone, how he’d gotten in and if he had a family of squatters now residing in my home.  And, to top it all off, why in the world weren’t my two diva cats patrolling the house?  Weren’t cats supposed to chase mice?

This whole episode led me to facing the truth with a heartful of anxiety every morning for days when I would be fear finding out the truth ~ were there more mice?  Had they returned to my home?  Were they indeed making a nest here or were they just passing through?

It seems to me, until the truth of any situation is thrust into our faces, that we fear the truth.  We fear knowing something that changes our lives.  We turn a blind eye to happenstance evidence, preferring to not make waves in what we deem the tranquility and peace in our lives.  But as I’ve learned, we can’t put off the inevitable.  It happens in the blink of an eye and many times at the most inconvenient of times and yet, with Divine Timing.

So the next time you are fearing the truth in any situation, know in your heart that facing your fears like the cat and mouse above, only makes things easier.  For once you know the truth, you can deal with the situation.  You can ask for advice, you can connect with others and you can eventually move on after you’ve processed the fear of change.  This bodes well for almost any life situation that you fear.

Take a giggle from my mouse adventure today and know that no matter what truth you are facing, you have a friend in me.

Shine On!



IHU Funny Story!

tupperwareI have to share a funny story with you.  You know I’ve been saying YES to opportunities this week as a part of  Inner Hotshot University!

Now some of you may be thinking…TUPPERWARE?  Really?  It’s still around?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is ~ and in stretching my comfort zone, I found that cooking dinner every night may become fun for me!  Giggle Giggle!

For those that know me well, you know that  I am not a fan of cooking at all!  But as a Mom, it’s a necessity ~ especially with hungry kids!  So when I was invited to a Tupperware Party, I said yes because if I’m going to promote IHU ~ I have to not only be a fan, but I have to walk the walk and talk the talk, right?  So off I went!

And my eyes were opened to hundreds of fun gadgets for the kitchen!  I was like a giggling schoolgirl as I learned how to make cooking easy, fun and nutritious for my family!  Weeknights may be different soon at my house!  It was so much fun to watch how the hostess Judy demonstrated all sorts of fun with Tupperware!

But the one thing that impressed me was when Judy made a cake in 9 minutes!  Yes, a real cake, from a cake mix in the microwave!  Can you believe it?  Am I the only one here that’s amazed?  I asked her for the recipe and info so that I could share:

Delicious Cake in 9 minutes!

Ingredients:  Mix together in a big bowl

1 box of cake mix (your choice ~ she used yellow)

1 can of pie filling (she used cherry)

3 eggs.

Put in the  cone of the 3 qt Tupperware, pour in batter and put into microwave for 9-10 minutes depending on how hot your microwave is!

Let stand for 5 minutes and voila!  Dessert is served!

There are even cake making recipes that don’t have the pie filling and eggs!

I am NOT going to become a Tupperware representative, but I am stretching my cooking comfort zone with a bit of help!  My family may just be amazed when dinner is served with a happy, relaxed face on Mom every night!  If you’re interested, Judy’s website is http://www.judytw.com 

See how just one yes can change your outlook?  I just had to share my funny story!  I can’t wait to hear more of yours tomorrow!  Countdown begins!  Have you stretched your comfort zone this week?  Come on!  You can do it!

Shine On!