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Pink Post ~ Aloha


Aloha means, “To consciously manifest life joyously in the present.”

I looked up the meaning of Aloha today and it was here  that I found the above meaning.  The meaning suits and is a lovely way to start every morning.  Simply speaking the word “Aloha” seems to roll off the tongue with a special sparkle, don’t you think?  Perhaps it’s because it conjures up thoughts of Hawaii to me even though I’ve not yet been there (but it’s on my bucket list!).   Have you been there yet yourself?  Is it as beautiful as I imagine?  It’s a dream of mine to go ~ one always must have a dream!

I’ve added the Pink Post title as well today, but truthfully I try to write so anyone can relate ~ anyone who has had difficulties in life.  I am a bit scattered this morning, so please forgive me if my musings aren’t organized too well.

I’ve met 2 women recently who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and it reminds me of my past.  As each wrestles with the turmoil of uncertainty. fear and the unknown, I feel such empathy for I remember all too well those feelings, those sleepless nights when my mind continued to whirl with the unrest of what if’s and the complete and utter sadness I felt all the way to my soul.

I remember reaching out and being connected to a woman named Nancy who had been diagnosed a year before me.  Occasionally I would call her (there wasn’t texting back in 2002) and with her 6th sense, she would call me sometimes as well ~ always with the most perfect timing.  We didn’t meet for months, but talked on the phone for hours.  She understood what I was enduring and I felt a peace with her as she connected with me, soul to soul, having endured all that I was going through at that time.  She didn’t frighten away when I told her how I felt.  She didn’t shatter when I spoke of my night-time fears and thoughts.  I didn’t sugarcoat how heart-wrenching it felt to be so bereft of my hair, my breasts and what I believed was my femininity.  I didn’t mince my words when I was angry at the cancer which stole so much from me.  I didn’t hold back the tears which many times flowed during the outpouring of emotions.  In turn, Nancy connected with me, empathized, held me spiritually and stayed the touchstone of healing in my life.  She was and still is a blessing in my life.

When I asked how I could ever repay such kindness, she simply asked me to pay it forward.  So with every person I’ve spoken, I remember the priceless feeling of acceptance that Nancy gave me, that feeling of being loved and understood, that knowledge that I didn’t have to comfort her when I needed comforting.  I could take the comfort when needed and when I was strong enough, I could give it as well ~ and that’s been our story for 11 years.  True friendship ~ give and take when needed ~ pure love and understanding.

Do you have a friend like this?  Are you a friend like this?  I am blessed to have many friends whom I can count on and they can count on me.  I have enjoyed the heartfelt connections I’ve made though my blog as well.  Thanks for reading and for being you! ♥

I wish you


Today and Everyday.

Shine On!


A request…

If instead of a gem, or even a flower,

we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend,

that would be giving as the angels give. -George MacDonald

So I will ask this of you, whatever your beliefs are ~ please take a moment to simply think of me on Wednesday morning around 7/7:30am when my surgery begins ~ cast the gift of a loving thought into my heart and I will do the same for you.  In sending out loving thoughts, we strengthen the love inside of ourselves and increase the love we radiate out to the world.

I just talked with a special friend of mine ~ Aunt PAngel and these were the words she said to me.  I told her that I had written just that in my blog, so I wanted her to know that this is the one I am referring too…I just love our special connection!

Then I was lead by JAngel to RAngel…yes, lately my life is filling up with special angels…and it was suggested to me to have my friends send me loving thoughts as my long surgery begins…so I am sending my request to you…

I’ve heard that Love makes the world go ’round…

Love heals, love connects and love survives.

I am so grateful for your loving thoughts. 

I send to you my loving thoughts as well!

Thank you for being You!


Best Friend

Dear One,
I am Always here for you!  
You can count on ME!
With Love, xo xo
Your BFF

I made this card for today’s post because last night while I was falling asleep, I was watching a show called “I survived…” which was about 3 people who died and came back.  One of the survivors was a man who upon dying, said he saw a man who looked much like him ~ so much so that he thought it was his twin…until the man got closer and he realized it was God.  He explained that seeing God felt like being with his best friend and not what he had thought meeting GOD would be like…and as he watched all of the people that had come into his life and watched his life pass before him, he realized that his best friend had been with him all the time…and that struck a chord with me.

Having been blessed with the same best friend for more than 30 years, I can completely appreciate the beauty of having a best friend with you always…it gives me a peace within which radiates throughout my day.

By definition, a best friend is someone you trust, who loves you, who wants the best for you and for whom you’d do the same.  Honesty, affection and trust are key elements of this relationship as well as loyalty, support and a heartfelt connection.

As I’ve emphasized before, life is about connections ~ Spiritual connections, connections to Nature, Emotional connections, Physical connections and above all ~ Universal.

Making connections is key…I love the connections I’ve made thus far and I look forward to continuing to expand my connections on this amazing Journey of Endurance called LIFE!

Cheers to our connections!

Thanks KAngel!