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What’s Your Essence?


Flowers for You!

This photo came to me this morning from a friend.  Because I’ve not been posting and have been very quiet lately, she sent me the above shot, with the caption, ‘flowers for you,’ as she knows how much I adore flowers.  In her sweet way, she just wanted to send me a photo of a tree which she saw during her walk this morning…but I saw more.  I saw my friend in the photo as well ~ her shadow, her essence, her kindness ~ her spirit.

It got me thinking…and this post emerged from my heart.

In everything we do, we share a touch of ourselves.  Even within the most mundane tasks, our signature essence shines its light on the job at hand.  Think about it.  You share your essence with everyone with whom you meet and come into contact ~ be it the grocery clerk, a stranger on the street, your family and friends, pets, neighbors, cyber-friends and even ants on the pavement.  You are constantly in motion sharing your essence.  Even cleaning the toilet, wiping the counters or doing whatever your work is, shows us YOU in how you complete the task at hand.

So who is that YOU?

Are you kind-hearted, helpful and loving?  Or are you angry, resentful and mean?

Are you caring or are you burnt out and blah?

We all go through periods in our lives where we aren’t ‘our best selves’ for whatever reason.  We can become ‘a shadow’ of negativity in our own lives.  We can find the negative instead of the positive in everything we experience, in everyone we meet, in all things.  I’ve heard recently that astrologically, we are in a bit of a cycle of change in which we need to flow to allow the changes that need to happen to occur so that we can come out on the other end, better, stronger and more spiritually planted in our lives.

For me, this period of change hasn’t been easy.  I’ve been busy with changes and upheavals so I’ve simply not had the time nor inclination to blog so I hope you’ll forgive me for my absence.  In my heart, I know that this period of unease is necessary and there are lessons to be learned.  No matter how much I balk at them, they remain, ready to be learned so that I may grow from the experience.  Finding the stillness as our dear Laurie explains in Laurie’s Notes click here, is possible, especially when we have caring friends who can help us as we walk this life journey.

As always, we grasp hands and hearts, connecting to help each other ~ trusting in the future, knowing that the Present of Presence is ours, right now, to enjoy, to experience and to benefit from this very special moment here on Earth.

Shine On!


P.S.  Does anyone know what the name of this flowered tree is?