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Rest In the Clouds


Meet Zach Sobiech

We are all shining stars in this world.  Sometimes we don’t realize the impact we can make if we just let go and embrace who we are!  Being a conduit of love, happiness and peace ~ sharing of ourselves ~ multiplies this gift to infinity and beyond.  Last night I read about the passing of Zach and found the video below about him.  If you have a few minutes, be inspired by his life and the way he spent his last days.  Zach turned to music to remind his family of  how much he loved them!  Doesn’t it make you think about the legacy you leave behind?

Rest in Peace May 20, 2013

Age 18, from  Osteosarcoma

Singer, Songwriter, Inspirational Soul

Get out of your comfort zone and…

Shine On!


I just read the Daily Prompt and the songs sung by the extraordinary young man above certainly are a bittersweet gift to all of the hearts that he touched during his lifetime, especially his family, friends and loved ones.  I am sure that hearing his voice and seeing his videos makes them nostalgic.  I know that for me, I have 2 voicemail messages on my answering machine from my Dad last year.  One is when he missed my son’s birthday.  He told him that he loved him.  The second message was for me because when Dad was in the hospital and I was helping him with his business at the time.  He told me that he appreciated what I was doing for him, he was proud of me and he loved me.  What a true treasure to keep!  It’s all I have…a bittersweet gift.  Big hugs to all of you today and everyday!  Keep shining! xo

Daily Post: Bittersweet Memories

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

Photographers, show us GIFT.