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4th of July


Celebrating with you today virtually ~ May your day be bright and happy!  May you find loving connections with all whom you come into contact!  May fireworks brighten your nights and BBQ family parties with friends and family make your day special!  Be free to love with a willingness to forgive, to embrace and to simply find the joy in this life.

You deserve it!

Shine On!




food fun & fireworks

With the upcoming 4th of July, I was thinking about our family traditions and how they shape us.  And truth be told, I was thinking about how this summer is so different than last summer.  With the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in her wake, our Jersey Shore just isn’t the same and it makes me sad.  Not to mention that my Dad isn’t here again this year ~ so this summer heralds with her a new type of summer that’s permanently changed.

I guess I’m ‘waxing poetic’ these days about what’s gone, but not forgotten.

But like the fireworks of July 4th, we are all here to pop ~ to shine ~ to sparkle and to dazzle!  We are in the public’s eye, sometimes only for a few moments of fame and then we fizzle out.  But we can remain in the memories of our loved ones for our specialness, our dazzling display of light ~ our firecracker selves!

And, I hope that one day perhaps when I’m gone, someone will remember me in a fond way ~ that I will have left my mark on a heart or two ~ made this world a better place by being here, by stretching out of my comfort zone and by sending out love.  Perhaps the ocean breezes, the feeling of sand between toes, the smell of the briny sea will remind them of me.

As I am reminded now.

Big hugs to all!

Shine On!



The Light of Unity

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.

Unity…what a powerful word!  I loved this card because I believe in Unity…in uniting as we are connected.  With Earth Day around the corner, I thought this was a good time to talk about the Light Of Unity…that spark within all of us ~ that bit of sunshine which is our centered soul.

That spark sometimes ignites a powerful link to others whereby we all start to light up like fireworks!   Have you ever had that experience?  You connect with someone and then somehow the whole day is that way ~ connection after connection continues to occur and things just happen for you easily?

I’ve had that type of day today and it’s been awesome so far.  I’ve seen the beauty in so many people and felt that heartfelt connection with them.  Receiving sunshine is such a gratifying experience and I am so grateful that I was able to receive such kindnesses.  I adore spreading sunshine to others and today, I have been showered by sunshine and I feel so blessed.

Perhaps I needed to feel the Unity today…and that is why my experiences have been so positive and unifying.

I send heartfelt sunshine to all of my angels thus far in my day…

CAngel, LAngel, LAngel, DAngel, AAngel

and to all of the angels in my life.   Thank you for unifying and for helping me today!

May the Light of Unity always be in your hearts!