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What Does Your Energy Say?

2014-07-04 21.12.01

When you are stripped of all the accoutrements of life’s trappings, what is left?  When you are washed free of your human body, what remains?

Your soul, your essence, your energetic force.

So what does yours look like?  Does your heartlight radiate with warmth like the sun’s rays on all with whom you come into contact?  Or does it burn with infinite brightness and blind?  Do you twinkle like the stars?  Or do you scatter moonbeams to light the darkness?  Are you a lightning force to be reckoned with and feared?  Or are you a subtle sparkling light which brings peace?  Do you light up the night with a spark of intensity like fireworks, to be ohhed and ahhed, only to dim when the show is over?

How do those around you view you?

How do YOU view YOU?

It’s interesting to meet others who are strangers and yet connect with you energetically.   It matters not about looks, finances or gender when similar energies meet.  The connections are there, in peaceful, loving acceptance.  Sometimes the connections last only for a few minutes and yet they can change you in ways you can never fully number.  The pure acceptance of your heartlight is key in these precious moments.  The channeling of energy bonds however briefly, sometimes leaving in its wake a shift of unimaginable proportions.  The shift lasts because you can never forget or un-know what you now comprehend and what may have been re-awakened within you.  Sure, you can stray from the shift as life gets in the way.  But you can return to that shift, repeatedly as you journey on your life’s path, energizing your life force and growing the peaceful heartlight connection that you’ve established.

How precious moments can be in a lifetime when we connect with others!  Let us continue on our journey, increasing self-awareness and keeping our heartlight shining for all to see!  I see you.  I salute the Divine in you.  Thanks for being here with me on this journey called life.

Have you ever had such an experience?  What did you learn?  Please share!

Shine On!