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Daily Prompt ~ My Eulogy


I know I’ve already posted today, but I couldn’t resist…I mean, what is it that you’d like your eulogy to say?  I just think that the concept is so thought-provoking and even life changing that I had to do it….so please indulge me…this is what I’d like mine to say…and this is what I’m striving for in my life. ❤

I would love to see yours as well…just click on the link below and post your eulogy today!


Misifusa was born wearing rose-colored glasses ~ always the dreamer, she looked to romance, to daydreams and to possibilities and never let go of the word HOPE.  She hardly ever arrived early to any appointment nor meeting in her life with the one exception ~ her wedding ~ to which she arrived early as she was so happy to be marrying her husband whom she loved with all of her heart.  He stood by her throughout her lifetime, always standing by her side, holding her hand and lending her his strength when she was weak.  Theirs was a special love ~ a mutual understanding as only 2 Pisces can merge and unite.  Their wedding song was to be a theme throughout their lifetime together, “I love you just the way you are,” and they radiated that love and kinship throughout their blessed marriage.

Misifusa was blessed with 2 incredible sons with her husband.  She adored them and was so proud of who they are ~ she enjoyed every moment with them and always saw the best in them.  Their house was filled with love and peacefulness.  She always felt so grateful that she was blessed with their sons.  They brought her much joy, laughter and peace.

She also enjoyed her cats and felt an amazing bond with most animals, with the big exception of snakes and birds.  She was fond of fresh flowers and had an array of orchids growing in her home.  She disliked housework and cooking and enjoyed a good meal out with her family ~ laughing and smiling.  She was fond of calling her faults “her charms” and many wished she weren’t so ‘charming’ but she found it whimsical and fun to love her whole self.

People naturally flocked to her and she always rooted for the underdog.  She loved helping others and listening to their stories.  Nothing made her happier than when she could make a difference in someone else’s life.  She adored helping them to shift their thinking and to help them to see the light in the darkness.  She strove to shine like a star in the darkest night, hoping that by her example, she could inspire others to find faith, hope, love and joy in their everyday lives.

She survived breast cancer and other health issues which knocked her down for a bit, but she overcame them with sheer endurance and lots of love from her family and her talented doctors.  Her role as the peace-maker was self-given and she reveled in trying to help others to find peace in their lives and with others.  She felt her intuitiveness and found strength in her faith, relying on angelic help when she encountered sadness.

She enjoyed her SendOutCards business as it brought her much joy to send out love to others.  Her published books were a cathartic writing which was well-received by readers all over the globe.  She loved revisiting Spain where she had lived for a time and spoke fluent Spanish which she taught for 11 years in the public school system.  She found peace at the beach, watching the waves roll in.  She loved being on the water and would awaken early just to watch the sunrise in the peacefulness of the mornings with her cup of coffee.

She loved her family and friends and drew great strength from them as well.  She adored singing, reading, writing and relaxing with family and friends.  At times she could be fearless, but mostly she was conservative in her actions to her chagrin.  She launched the highly successful The Presents of Presents and could often be found traveling the world after her boys graduated college.  She was grateful for everyday and her mantra was:  Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future.  Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called THE PRESENT.

❤ ❤ ❤

Send Out LOVE!

Having peripherally experienced the passing of our family friend, I wanted to share with you some of the wisdom I gleaned over the weekend…

I watched as the love of one woman who touched so many people, reverberated throughout a family and others young and old…I listened as story after story, tinted with tears and laughter were shared, memories of a life that was built with love.  None of us are perfect, but bringing love, laughter and light to others is certainly a great way to be remembered…

I watched as almost strangers united in sharing fond memories of a friend and loved one and all I kept thinking was that I hoped she could hear all the ways she touched so many lives by simply being here on Earth.  It made me sad to think that she might not have known how much we thought of her ~ how much she was a part of all of our memories.

I saw kindness in strangers ~ the family who bought her family house ~ who had put a simple sign of Farewell on the lawn so as the procession drove past, we knew that her spirit lived on even in people who only had a slight connection to her.

The almost twinkling of bells heard as the talented Soprano sang Ave Maria at her funeral in her church where she’d raised her family.

The sweet granddaughter who beautifully played guitar and sang at her grave site ~ in the most heartwarming way.

The funeral home worker who with such kind words, promised to stay with the deceased as we all went to the repast so that we knew she was in good hands.

For all of those who stood up to say a few words about her ~ a small eulogy of acknowledgement of a life well-loved.

You know how I have shared in The Presents of Presence on FB that we only have today…that it’s a gift…that we need to enjoy it.   Well, in the midst of it all, I saw my own fault ~ and I believe sharing it is beneficial…a longtime friend with whom I’d lost touch and I were talking.  I told her that I always thought of her as my older sister and remembered many kindnesses she showed me.  She replied in genuine surprise that she didn’t realize I felt that way…and it made me so sad because I truly thought she knew…and it made me wonder if everyone in our lives knows how much they mean to us?

Does everyone in your life know how much they mean to you?

We only have today…don’t wait to tell them.

Please, tell them today…because they may not even know it.

So for all of you reading my blog…

You mean so much to me…

Thanks for being a part of my life.

Happy Sunday!