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A Truly Happy Person


A truly happy person is one

who can enjoy the scenery

on a detour.

I visit with my two loved ones who have Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia every month.  We take a ride in the car each time and enjoy the scenery.  Within minutes of our getting into the car and buckling them up into seat belts, we begin our drive to wherever we are going and the same conversation always ensues.  One talks about the trees, the other one notices the clouds.  What makes such an impression on me is that the incessant repetitive conversations about these two beauties of nature never fails and is always welcomed by all in the car.  It is simply being present in that moment to remark on the beauty in nature.  Granted, the conversations about the trees and clouds continues in a loop, over and over while we are riding in the car, but I choose to see it as a blessing.

For being in the present moment and observing the beauty which surrounds us in a happy way is the key to life.  Being with my loved ones who live in a memory care facility gives me the powerful lesson of presence.  Sure, I can get bogged down by the repetitiveness of the conversation, feel badly that they only have clouds and trees to notice and feel sad for how their minds have changed.  And I do.  I won’t lie, because as a daughter/niece/carer it can break my heart to be so far away and to see the changes as their minds slowly succumb to the disease.  But there’s a lesson here that we can all share…there’s a Present of Presence ~ a peaceful, loving, nurturing moment that we can gratefully choose every single moment of our lives.

Because being happy in the moment is a gift that we don’t always give ourselves or others and I think it’s about time we did.  So on this Sunday, take a few minutes to look at the clouds/sky and the trees.  Breathe in the beautiful air that Mother Nature swirls around us.  Notice the gratitude of being alive.  Lay down your worries and fears for a few moments and shine your heartlight for all to see.

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24.

Shine On!


The Road to Success…

“The road to success is always under construction” Lily Tomlin
Happy Monday!  I was trying to find a card which would motivate us on a Monday…and Lily Tomlin fit the bill!  I am fond of calling life a journey, a road and a path on which we continue to move forward even if it’s only one baby step at a time.  The idea that it is always under construction struck me today since I believe that we have the power to make our own lives the way we want.
Perhaps you agree and perhaps you don’t…but I will tell you that I believe that we make this life and we can construct it however we wish ~ we can even put in u-turns, circles (for you Jersey-ians) and detours!  Imagine you are going down your road and want to change direction ~ you can!  This is Your Road and Your Life!
So think about your Road to Success this week ~ because You are the Driver, make it a road that’s smooth and a great ride….and if you find there’s a detour, just make yourself a u-turn, an exit or a stop sign until you know which way you want to proceed!
Success is yours!  You have the Power!  So Drive!
Happy Monday!