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Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Captur1eMaybe it’s because it’s the anniversary of the passing of our 17 year old ‘first born’ cat Chessie that has me thinking.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve transitioned to the next step of grief.  I could blame Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium for bringing me to tears episode after episode lately.  Or perhaps it’s just meant to happen now and I have to go with the flow.  So I’m going with the flow, for now.  Although 2 days ago, I must admit I was desperate to speak with Dad.

You may remember Dad passed away 1.5 years ago and for some reason, I awoke the other day with the intense feeling that I just had to hear from him.  It was so strong that I actually contacted a recommended medium in the area and tried to book an appointment for that very day.  She had nothing available, but instead of writing back to my email, she called me.  Kindly, she explained that she didn’t have any appointments open until Monday which in my head was too far away.  I explained it was too far away, that I felt I needed a reading today.  I wasn’t trying to be pushy, I just wanted her to understand the gaping hole that I had in the center of my being at that moment.  So gaping in fact that I would tell the medium how I felt so strongly that I needed to be read TODAY!

She told me that she wouldn’t be able to read me because she was conducting a radio show that very day from 1-3pm and that if I wanted, I could call in to get a free reading.  It wouldn’t be from her, but from her guest but that perhaps that would help me.  She told me how to get the information, what to do and I thanked her profusely.

So at 1pm, seated in front of my computer, I anxiously radio-ed in to her show.  After awhile, I called in and she took my call, allowing me to be read by her guest.  But a funny thing happened.  I started off explaining that I wanted to speak to my Dad who had passed away and I was immediately explained the following:

Like at Christmas dinner with our relatives, we can’t control them ~ we can’t decide who shows up and who says what.  So relax, allow the reading to flow and let’s see who comes in.

And so I flowed.  But Dad didn’t.  The reading that I received didn’t make sense to me at the time.  I wrote all the information as it was delivered to me, all the while trying to figure out who the brother figure was who came through (I now know ~ a friend who passed in October) and was surprised at the confirmation that I have healing gifts.

But no Dad. Hrmph…Sigh…a little bit of frustration.

So a few days have passed now.  The inkling is still there that I need to hear from him.  I need to know what he’s thinking, if he’s ok and to let him know that I’m finally at peace myself.  But I guess he already knows this, right?  So why am I thinking so much of him?

Have you ever gone to a Medium?  Have you received a message from a loved one who has passed?  Do you believe in Mediums?  Please share!

Shine On!