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Gratitude Day 28 ~ My Hometown

Life,  Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I feel so grateful that my hometown and coincidentally, my Dad’s hometown, is acknowledging him this Saturday by flying the flags at half-mast.  My Dad loved our hometown and never left the town which he grew up in ~ he always said he would leave his childhood home in which he raised his own family, ‘feet first’ and my Dad was a man of his word.

Dad knew his hometown’s history, having lived there 75 years.  He would drive by various parts of town, telling us the history and how some of the buildings were the originals.  There’s the bend in the road by a pond where as a child, he watched the Queen of England pass by on her way through our town.  Funny that sometimes when I drive on that part of the road, I can hear him telling me the story.  He knew the families who resided in the area and enjoyed learning the history of each of them.  Like one of those old town family doctors (he wasn’t a doctor), he was privy to much information and always kept family secrets.

I have been so grateful for the outpouring of love and prayers from many of the residents.   One particular message I received was, “I will tell you that his involvement with the installation of the new monument was something that I know made him very proud.  I also would consider him to be the “unofficial” chairman/ringleader of our town’s Veterans.  He was the one pushing all of them to come out each year and march in the Parade or attend the Vets Day Ceremony.”

My Dad was patriotic having served in the military for many years.  He loved history and could regale his audience with big and little known facts about many subjects.  He was proud of the fountain of knowledge in his head.  Unfortunately, he never had the time to write it all down, so there are only the scraps of memories which we hold dear to live on in his memory.

There’s much to be said about your hometown and never leaving it…

Bruce Springsteen writes about it and as a Jersey Girl

I am grateful to Our Hometown…

My Hometown video by Bruce

Making your OWN Luck!

Can you spot the little leprechauns in the card above?  My friend AAngel posted a picture of Spring this morning and I was inspired to make the card above with it!  Obviously she didn’t see those tiny little helpers in her picture…

When my boys were little, every March 17th, we would take a walk and I would make up stories about leprechauns.  I explained how we needed to look up to find a rainbow in the sky because they hid the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We would eagerly scan the sky to see if there were any signs of a rainbow and then we would walk slowly, our eyes darting around the green grass to see if we could spot any leprechauns who may be carrying their gold back to the rainbow’s end.

Inevitably, as we would be wandering, we would scare up a small animal which would make rustling noises and my kids would be convinced that we had come upon a leprechaun.  Together we would stealthily stalk the bush from where they had heard the noises ~ this gave me the precious few seconds that I needed in order to grab a few ‘gold coins’ aka shiny pennies from my pockets and throw them behind me.

Upon hearing the clinkity clank of the coins, my boys would wheel around thoroughly convinced that they had indeed scared a leprechaun and he had dropped his gold!  Laughing all the while, I would watch as they picked up the pennies and pulled me down the street hoping to find more leprechauns!

I loved listening to their chatter as their imaginations ‘saw’ the green jacket of a leprechaun suddenly darting behind a leaf…and they could ‘see’ the faint colors of a rainbow in the sky.

Perhaps we need to remember these moments in our own lives and awaken our imagination again.  Be open to the magical moments of life ~ allow yourself to believe in what you can’t see ~ reach out to enjoy the mystical wonder of childhood fantasy ~ even just for a moment…who says there isn’t a leprechaun around the corner waiting for you?

Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you