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Great acts…

great acts are made up of small deeds ~ lao tzu

I awoke this morning with this little ditty running through my head:

 A.C.T.I.O.N Action Action, do it again!  A.C.T.I.O.N. we want ACTION!

Which I know is the childhood cheerleading song that my friend JAngel taught me when we were little when she was a cheerleader.  As friends do, she taught me what she had just learned…a new cheer!  Although I was never a cheerleader in the football sense of the world, I have always been a cheerleader for others in the friendship sense.

What I loved about this card this morning, is that it’s about ACTION and most importantly, it’s about how small deeds make up great acts…it’s like building blocks…building your business, building your sense of self, building your foundation for a miraculous day and life filled with love and light ~ even building a better world around you with kindness and small deeds.

great acts are made up of small deeds ~ lao tzu

I wish you a day filled with small deeds!