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Hugs for You!


When you are hugging a child, always be the last one to let go.    You never know how long they need it. ~Author Unknown

I love the above quote because I think it applies to everyone.  When you’re the hug giver, you need to be aware of the hugee and how much, how long of a hug they need.  I am a big hugger.  I am a very affectionate person by nature.  So when I need a hug like Woodstock, I need to hug you until I let go, which, may be awhile.  Somehow there’s something special about a hug to me.  I can re-find my strength in a hug.  I can center myself when I feel hugged.  I can go on after I’ve been hugged.

Hugs are so powerful.

Have you hugged yourself today?

Shine On!



Happiness is…

Happiness is a warm puppy. -Charles M. Schulz

We went to visit a friend yesterday who just got a puppy.  In fact, we’ve stopped by to visit every few days for the last 2 weeks since Murphy came to their family.  I simply can’t resist this puppy!  Truth be known I’m gaga over all puppies, but especially labrador retrievers and darling Murphy is a chocolate lab.

Murphy is only 10 weeks old and has the most adorable big puppy paws and his soft ears flop when he runs!  To me, he is the epitome of The Presents of Presence because he is just happy all the time!  As I watched him run around the yard yesterday with the kids and his ball, I knew I was having a moment…enjoying the present moment in all it’s beauty!  Sun shining, green grass, children smiling and laughing, puppy chasing them and giggles all around as the moment stretched on to 30 minutes…and afterwards, I felt so at peace, so renewed…so presence-full.

Holding a tired Murphy in my arms afterwards to say goodbye, gave me such a good feeling…and the inspiration for this post…because I watched as Murphy, with his sharp little puppy teeth accidentally deflated his ball…but instead of whining, he simply picked it up and kept on playing with it ~ tossing it around and picking it up ~ he kept that happy moment going by just going with the flow…and the children went along with him ~ using the deflated ball as a frisbee to continue the fun play with Murphy.

Enjoy The Presents of Presence everyday!

Have you enjoyed your presents today?