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Full Pink Moon…Is There Something Going On?


I awoke this morning because my phone was ringing a little after 6am.  It was a local number, but I didn’t pick it up.  I let it ring through to voicemail, but the caller didn’t leave a message.  I wanted to pick it up, but then again, I was thinking it was one of those robocalls even thought it’s really early for them.  Then, I thought that perhaps it was someone who misdialed.  Then again, the question of if it were someone from where my Mom lives trying to get in touch with me.  But they would have left a message and probably called from the company number.  But, it remains a mystery still.

I couldn’t lay in bed any longer wondering so I just got up and fixed some coffee and fed the cats who were hungry.  I walked into our family room and one of the battery candles which works from a remote was lit.  It’s just for decoration because I prefer the timer ones so I never use it.  In fact, the remote is tucked away in a drawer.  But it was lit even though it’s paired candle was not.

It wasn’t lit before I went to bed and there wasn’t movement on the security cameras to show someone lighting it either.  But suddenly, it’s lit.  I feel there’s a strange phenomena going on with the phone call and the candle being lit.  One of life’s mysteries or signs from God?  A synchronicity occurring that may or may not ever answer my questions.

My questions are:  Who called this morning?  Who lit the candle and why?

I have a strange feeling that with the full pink moon today/tonight there are signs and I just have to get quiet to understand.  Perhaps one of you can give me some intuitive guidance if you get anything from my post?

My deceased Dad is one to play with electricity and remotely lighting a battery operated candle would go along with that notion.  Is he just letting me know that he’s here with me?  Lighting my way in the darkness?

Any and all psychic help or intuitive healing is appreciated.  Keep shining your heartlights dear friends.  We are all here to help one another.  I hope you’re doing well and that you’re staying safe and healthy.  God bless.

Shine On!


A Surprise Thanksgiving Blessing

Yesterday was a sad day for me.  I guess the upcoming first Thanksgiving is sad and that shouldn’t be a surprise since most people I have spoken to have told me that the first year is hard to bear…so I know that.  I believe in synchronicity as well ~ so when I decided at the last minute to brave the grocery store and ran into the neighbor of my sister-in-law who had lost her Mom 2 years ago, we began talking and ended up in the health aisle for 45 minutes, catching up on our lives and telling our sad stories to our kindred spirits.  We laughed, we cried, we understood, we hugged and others around us went on with their shopping while we bonded, we connected and we allowed ourselves to be understood by another soul.

And it felt good to open up and be heard, be understood and be loved.

When I arrived back home, I was tired and sad.  I had other errands to run, but I felt I needed to just ‘be’ for a few minutes and that’s when synchronicity hit for the second time that day.  The doorbell rang, followed by loud, insistent knocking at my front door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone, but on my porch was a delivery man with a beautiful flower arrangement with a gorgeous candle in the center.

Who would send me a Thanksgiving table arrangement that is simply so beautiful?  I anxiously opened the card to find that my friend Mary Louse, a childhood friend with whom I’ve rekindled a friendship via FB and by my Dad’s death.  Inside the card, it read:

Let there be a bright light and not an empty chair at your table.

And I burst into heartfelt tears of gratitude right there on the spot…what a blessing to be thought of in such a special way…and what a special message to make my sadness and bereft feelings lighter to bear…yes, lighter (pun intended)…and as I lit the beautiful candle, I said a prayer of thanksgiving to Mary Louise, to God, to the Angels and to whomever gave me the synchronicity of such a special day of angelic hugs no matter where I was.  I am blessed…and I am ever grateful.

So today, on Thanksgiving Eve, my thoughts go out to all of you ~

May you know how much you mean to others,

May your bright light of kindness shine through the darkness,

May you know that you are loved.

I give thanks to all of you who read my blog…and for whose blogs I read and enjoy.

Thanks for being YOU!

Take everyday to show your love to others.


P.S.  I had to use the program Snip-it again because of the way the 3 panel card was laid out ~ I couldn’t seem to copy it properly so please bear with me!  But this is the card I sent her…I wanted her to see the extraordinary flowers which encompassed the table arrangement.  Aren’t they beautiful? xo