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Welcome to the Presents of Presence

Well, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and life is full of pink everywhere!  I figured that if I were ever to really start this blog that I had created a year ago, now is the time.  So here I am….coming up on my 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer and finally sitting down to reflect on these past 10 years in order to begin the next decade of ‘my new normal.’  For those of you who don’t know me, I was diagnosed on New Year’s Eve of 2001 with breast cancer.  It was a shock to my family and to me.  But I will also say that I knew ~ one of the many times that my intuition gave me that ‘knowing’ feeling so when the doctor’s office called that morning to ask if my husband and I would come in at 1pm, I knew that it wasn’t good news.  I’d dreamt the night before that I had cancer.

I endured a lot ~ and during our 7th year of marriage, I gave my husband a run for his money.  But true to Bob’s style, he carried me through the dark times ~ a feat that was at times possibly superhuman ~ and I am here today because he believed in me and in my survival, so that when I lost my faith, he brought it back to me.

Cancer or no, we all endure this journey called life ~ each facing different degrees of trials and tribulations ~ but we all have the same capacity to endure and to succeed.  We just need to find it within ourselves to listen, to create the life we deserve, to believe in love and to know in our hearts that we deserve this blessing called happiness.

I never said it was easy, but it is do-able…and I practice daily to take baby steps in the right direction ~ Love.

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