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Sharing Experiences


Blogging is sharing experiences via writing as you well know if you’re a blogger.  We read blogs to share our experiences and to connect along the way.  Sometimes there’s a tidbit in someone’s blog which ignites a part of us in a good way.  I’ve learned so much from reading your blogs – new vocabulary, new books, and assimilated new ideas into my life.  I’ve connected through shared similar life experiences and found friendships, whether brief or long-term.  I’ve enjoyed expanding my thinking, my music repertoire and my enjoyment of reading with you as well.  I’ve felt when you’ve had challenges and grief in your lives and I have felt your support and caring when the same has happened in mine.

Writing with openness requires great vulnerability.  I don’t believe that when we open up to the world we are being weak.  I think it takes great strength to show ourselves in emotional truth for we never know how it will be perceived.  I feel grateful that I’ve found truth in the Universal code of kindness that if you don’t have something nice to say, you keep it to yourself because if it’s not helpful, then it’s hurtful and the majority doesn’t intend to hurt anyone else.

There may always be those who misunderstand me for which I’m sad, but I’ve accepted them.   Their fear-based beliefs keep them from opening up and experiencing life in different ways.  Fear can do strange things to people’s minds and being fear-based brings much anxiety to the most stable of individuals.  It is only when we release fear that we can embrace the plethora of goodness in life.  Sure, there are times when we are hurt, when misunderstandings occur and when people just don’t act with kindness.  That happens everywhere.  We must accept that we are all on our own journeys and that they intersect at different times.  We may walk on the path of life with someone for awhile and then part ways.  Or we may stay, sharing the path on and off for a lifetime.  What I know for sure is that each time our paths cross, whether it’s in a good situation or a teaching moment, we come away with a richer life experience for having crossed paths.

And isn’t that what life school is all about?  Learning, growing and experiencing all different types of situations and people?  Taking what comes to us a calm way and finding the good in the encounter – even when at the time it seems not so good?  When we are healed or when we can view it as an observer, we realize that the encounter has helped us to learn more about ourselves, to understand people in general and to enjoy the tapestry of experiences that is this life.  We are grateful for the peace and the  learning opportunity that we may have missed we if hadn’t crossed paths in this lifetime.

So I thank you for reading my blog and for opening up and letting us be with you through your blogs.  It is my honor to connect with you always.

Thanks for being you!

Shine On!



I love to read!  You can usually find me in the middle of 2-3 different types of books as I like to mix it up.  I usually have one personal development book going as I like to continue to learn.  I also enjoy a good fiction which can be light and airy with a touch of romance or even a good story as long as it’s one I can pick up and put down on a whim, but continue to want to finish.  Third type could be something someone recommends at that time which seems to reverberate within ~ it’s like there’s a tap on my shoulder which tells me to listen up and read this one now and this could be anything.  The last shoulder tapped book I read was The Go-Giver by Bob Burg.  By the way, great read!

My imagination wanders and I enjoy focusing on imagining my goals accomplished, my life as I see fit and peace within as well as out into the universe.  I can imagine all this and more although sometimes I find I limit my imagination by what I think can actually occur and try to negotiate how my goals will come to fruition.  I have to break that habit as it gets in the way of my imagination.

Have you an imaginary life?  Do you imagine what your life will look like in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years as you’ve accomplished your goals?  Have you sat down to write out your goals yet?  Please do…let’s work on them together!


All Your Dreams Come True!