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Honeybee Spirit Totem Animal Message


I thought that yesterday’s post about my 3 encounters with the honeybee might interest you as to what I found the message to be for me.  Perhaps you’ve had a visit from a honeybee as well, so I thought I’d share what I found from here.

When the honey-bee spirit animal appears to you, it’s calling your attention to your everyday miracles. Just look at your honey-bee totem which is so small yet able to achieve so much.

The honey-bee symbolism is also of community and teamwork. Use your talents to help humanity and make your personal contributions to change the world for the better.

Add your voice to the collective consciousness. Raise the vibrations of the world you live in.

Wow!  Who knew the honeybee was such a powerful totem?  And as I begin my next chapter into uncharted territory, I am grateful to that sweet little honeybee’s message.  I love our community of bloggers and the friendships we have made.  I am hoping now that we are transitioning into our new home, I can begin again to write, to read, to comment and to grow our community.

Please join me in raising the vibrations of the beautiful world we live in!  It’s time to spread our wings, band together and fly like the darling honeybee!

Shine On!





DP ~ Blogging Addiction


Why do you blog?


What a loaded question ~ why do I blog?

Well, blogging works for me because ~

1.  I love to write, but only in small increments.

2.  I can share what inspires me world-wide.

3.  I wanted to share my breast cancer and life experiences in order to help other people who are enduring illnesses.

4.  I enjoy connecting with all types of people in this journey of life.

5.  Blogging promotes a world-wide sense of community.

6.  I look forward to learning something new everyday through reading other blogs.

7.  I want to promote my SendOutCards business because I think everyone deserves a heartfelt card in their mailbox.

8.  Life is short and I want to make sure that we remember to enjoy The Presents of Presence.

9.  To me, blogging is like writing a short chapter everyday!

10.  I blog because it makes me happy!

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?