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Happy Birthday Hubby!


Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Today I am blessed to tell you that it’s my husband’s birthday!  To me, it’s a special day because it honors the man who has held my heart in his hands for more than 24 years.  It’s a day when I can honor the amazing man he is, the wonderful husband he is and the great Dad he is to our sons!  He is as perfect as they come ~ and I am grateful that he’s mine.

So honey, today’s your day!  Your family loves you, appreciates you and we think so highly of you!  We admire you, we feel that you inspire us and we love that you are ours!

So enjoy your special day!  Your birthday dinner will be waiting for you when you come home to your castle tonight ~ along with your favorite chocolate cake, baked with extra love!  When you blow out the candles, may your every wish come true!  You deserve it!

Happy Birthday!