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God’s Love For Moms ~ A Sunday Lesson


 LOVE ~ A Sunday Lesson

I recently watched the movie, Moms’ Night Out which was a cute ‘chick flick’ as they say.  Alone in my home, I took a break to happily munch popcorn and laugh aloud through the silly antics of the movie.  It was not a movie my family would necessarily enjoy, so it was a perfect one for me to watch while everyone else was busy.

Below is a scene from the movie which I found so poignant and just perfect for a Sunday blog.  Many times we are so hard on ourselves as Moms, parents and people.  We raise the bar of what we feel is what we should do and scold ourselves for not meeting our own high-set goals.  Then many times, we rail against what we should do, what we have in our heads as the right way to do something, the perfection in what we see as we should be doing and being all at once and we feel like rebelling.  Yet, it is our own impossibly high standards which we have made ourselves to which we are holding ourselves accountable instead of just allowing ourselves to be the best parent/person we can be.

Does that make any sense to you?  Do you ever feel that way?

The scene below caught me which is why I am sharing it.  Stopped me in my tracks and made me think.  I began to choke up with the gratitude for the lesson.  Just another reason I continue to enjoy writing The Presents of Presence.

Let go…it’s Sunday.

Shine On!


“He loves you.  No matter who you are and no matter what you do or how far you run. 

Jesus will always be loving you with his arms open wide, just for being you

…You just be you ~ He’ll take care of the rest.”