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Monday’s Sparkle

CapturestarThe photo above is how I imagine all of us ~ connected like stars ~ sharing the Divine within us with everyone around us!  Sparkling each in our own way, yet connecting as well on this road of life!  We intertwine, we connect and we gravitate toward light thinkers.  Kindness prevails and we have all that we need in our own star and yet we yearn to reach out to connect with other bright stars in order to shine with our sun selves!

Our lives are a journey that we create for ourselves.  Do you believe that?  What if, even if you don’t believe it, you suspend your disbelief for a week?  Want to try it?

It’s Monday so let’s start the week off right!  First with gratitude for all that you have, down to the basics ~ food, water, shelter, clothing, the ability to move and to breathe, for nature, for the ability to read, to think and to create.  For free will and all that it implies.

Next, let’s start on your week.  What are you creating this week?  What plans can you form to ignite the passionate star that you are?  What image comes to mind when you allow your imagination to fulfill your energetic awakening?  Allow the freedom to create a life you choose to live to blossom today!

Shine On!