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Full Pink Moon…Is There Something Going On?


I awoke this morning because my phone was ringing a little after 6am.  It was a local number, but I didn’t pick it up.  I let it ring through to voicemail, but the caller didn’t leave a message.  I wanted to pick it up, but then again, I was thinking it was one of those robocalls even thought it’s really early for them.  Then, I thought that perhaps it was someone who misdialed.  Then again, the question of if it were someone from where my Mom lives trying to get in touch with me.  But they would have left a message and probably called from the company number.  But, it remains a mystery still.

I couldn’t lay in bed any longer wondering so I just got up and fixed some coffee and fed the cats who were hungry.  I walked into our family room and one of the battery candles which works from a remote was lit.  It’s just for decoration because I prefer the timer ones so I never use it.  In fact, the remote is tucked away in a drawer.  But it was lit even though it’s paired candle was not.

It wasn’t lit before I went to bed and there wasn’t movement on the security cameras to show someone lighting it either.  But suddenly, it’s lit.  I feel there’s a strange phenomena going on with the phone call and the candle being lit.  One of life’s mysteries or signs from God?  A synchronicity occurring that may or may not ever answer my questions.

My questions are:  Who called this morning?  Who lit the candle and why?

I have a strange feeling that with the full pink moon today/tonight there are signs and I just have to get quiet to understand.  Perhaps one of you can give me some intuitive guidance if you get anything from my post?

My deceased Dad is one to play with electricity and remotely lighting a battery operated candle would go along with that notion.  Is he just letting me know that he’s here with me?  Lighting my way in the darkness?

Any and all psychic help or intuitive healing is appreciated.  Keep shining your heartlights dear friends.  We are all here to help one another.  I hope you’re doing well and that you’re staying safe and healthy.  God bless.

Shine On!


Where For Art Thou Angel?

1835010I bought the above angel for my Sissy for Christmas.  I gingerly wrapped her up and added a soft lit battery candle on the plate by her hands.  I was so excited to give this angel to her for Christmas.  Then I also bought a pocketbook for my Mom which I wrapped up separately, ready to give them these gifts on Christmas Day when we were visiting my family.

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we packed up the gifts for my family and took off.  When we got to her house and began to open the gifts, I realized that the angel was missing.  I figured that I had left the package at home in my rush to get to my sister’s house on time.  However, when we got home, there was no package.  No angel and no purse.  What could have happened to them?

I searched our home with the help of my family last night, only to come up empty-handed.  It’s as if they vanished.  I even checked with other family members to see if I had accidentally left those packages at their homes, but no one has seen them.  I am stumped.  I cannot even begin to imagine where they are!

In the middle of the night the thought came to me that my Dad had somehow hidden them ~ angel for his passing and purse because it was for my Mom from her favorite store that he used to buy Christmas gifts from ~ and I smiled to myself thinking that I would find the gifts this morning.  But alas, there aren’t anywhere.  I even checked the garbage.  The only thing I can think of is that they were accidentally put in the car on Christmas Eve and while we were in the house getting more presents to put in the trunk, someone took those 2 packages out of the car while we weren’t looking.  Can it be that someone would take 2 packages out of the trunk of a car while people are loading up the car from the driveway?  Really?  On Christmas Eve?

So, I’m turning to my trusty blogger friends…what do you think happened to them?

Has this ever happened to you ~ and if it did, what was the result?

Shine On!


P.S.  December 26th, the mystery was solved!  Both packages were found at Sissy’s house, tucked behind the tree!  Silly children hid them!  Thanks to all for your concern, your help and your advice! xoxo