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Monday’s Sparkle

CapturestarThe photo above is how I imagine all of us ~ connected like stars ~ sharing the Divine within us with everyone around us!  Sparkling each in our own way, yet connecting as well on this road of life!  We intertwine, we connect and we gravitate toward light thinkers.  Kindness prevails and we have all that we need in our own star and yet we yearn to reach out to connect with other bright stars in order to shine with our sun selves!

Our lives are a journey that we create for ourselves.  Do you believe that?  What if, even if you don’t believe it, you suspend your disbelief for a week?  Want to try it?

It’s Monday so let’s start the week off right!  First with gratitude for all that you have, down to the basics ~ food, water, shelter, clothing, the ability to move and to breathe, for nature, for the ability to read, to think and to create.  For free will and all that it implies.

Next, let’s start on your week.  What are you creating this week?  What plans can you form to ignite the passionate star that you are?  What image comes to mind when you allow your imagination to fulfill your energetic awakening?  Allow the freedom to create a life you choose to live to blossom today!

Shine On!


Grow Your Own Sunshine









This little Light of Thine…go ahead and let it SHINE!

For awhile now, I have ended every post with the phrase Shine On!  It was on a whim that I began that phrase, not meaning any more than to hope you would feel uplifted and empowered by it.  I realized today after helping a friend that there is more to it for me.  In fact, the Universe is giving me signals these days for on Mother’s Day I was given a cd of music entitled, “Shine On.”  So I thought I should write about what it means to me.

We are meant to Shine On, to embrace our light and to allow it to Shine On all with whom we come into contact.  Surely there may be people, who like the planets which orbit our sun, who may turn away from our light.  There may be those who can only experience our sun self’s warmth for small lengths of time.  But who doesn’t rejoice in the warmth of sunshine?  Who doesn’t feel the positivity in the sun’s radiance?  Who doesn’t thrive and grow in the light of the sun?

Your powerful sun self warms the world around you.  Your growth mixed with the growth of others, allows the Universe to expand its positivity and optimism.  Hope extends like a halo around your goodness and love radiates in waves of light on all those with whom you connect, with whom you come into contact, with whom you touch.  It is in this way that I caution you to not dim your light and I urge you to seize your power!  You do no good in the world when you play small and lessen your power.  When you do not own the power of positivity within you, when you do not share it, when you hide it away in the smallness of your world, you lessen yourself and others.  You must enlighten yourself and the world around you in the way you are meant to which is to play big!  What if our sun decided to just play small and not expand?  Would there be as much growth here on Earth?  Or would we all suffer because the sun didn’t want to shine as much as she could?    What if in connecting on a larger more international scale we could help our seeds of light grow, expand and develop?  Wouldn’t that be grand?!

Sure it requires a change of mindset to expand our sun self’s rays of light.  It necessitates our stretching out of our comfort zones in order to shine brighter.  It demands that we own the power within us and push forth into the world with our knowing and our innate love in order to connect with others.   It demands that we are in touch with ourselves and with others in order to experience the light.   One may even find that uncertainty and fear begin their rays of darkness when we decide to extend forward and to shine.  That’s ok.  It’s always darkest before dawn ~ and there is always dawn.

So the next time you read Shine On! please take the request to allow your light to

Shine On

and benefit the whole world with your unique love and light!


What’s Your Gift?



“All kids are gifted; some just open their packages earlier than others” ~ Michael Carr

I think we can tweak this quote for adults as well, don’t you think?  Have you opened your gift of self?  What are you waiting for?  Come on ~ let’s shine on together!

I’d like to think that my gift is connecting with people ~ and writing for they are 2 things that I love to do.  When I’m ‘in the zone’ of writing, ideas and words simply flow freely from my fingertips to the screen and most times, I have no idea what I’m writing.  At times, I’ve even felt that perhaps I’ve been channeling but that’s a post for a different day.

So for a bit of Monday inspiration ~ let’s work on our gifts!

Shine On!



Now you are perfect, just the way you are!


Today is the perfect time

to celebrate the gift of you to this world!

Let’s be clear, I’m not looking for perfection.  Not for myself nor anyone else in the vicinity.  You can choose to look for whatever you wish.  I will tell you though, that I think you are perfect, just the way you are ~ the way you really are ~ that soulful you.  The one deep inside beneath all the rubble of your outside persona.  You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  The inner being who inhabits the human body called YOU.

That YOU is perfect.  That YOU is love.  Your soul is perfect.

Without having to do or to be anything or anyone more than you already are, if you could just sit quietly and allow your loving self to just merge with life, you would find that you are perfect.  I think that’s what being in the now is all about really.

The willingness to find that open space in the sea of now, to…

sit with it,

be with it,

merge for a time,

embrace, it,

coddle it in our hearts,

bestow love on it,

be grateful in it,

see it,

experience the light in it,

hold the now carefully in our breath,

excite within it,

be pleased with it,

stand by it,

open up to it,

fully believe in it,

tap into it,

open ourselves up in it,

experience our heart beating in it,

experience our breathe in it,

breathe into it,


love to feel,



feel the embrace of it,

feel the hands of the clock of time stop for a moment,

indulge in the stillness of it,

cast our minds into it,

feel the whoosh of heaven and earth through our bodies in it,

shine our inner light in it,

gaze outwards at the now,

merge with now,

to celebrate the gift of you!

Shine On!


You Are Enough


 “I exist as I am, that is enough.” – Walt Whitman

My dears, you are enough.  Yes, you…are…enough.  Let that phrase  sink into your soul, let that thought fill your brain, flood your body with acceptance.  Allow the fears to drift from your spirit and allow the sanctity of safety to envelope your mind.  You..exist..you..are…enough.

Take a moment and just ‘be’ as they say.  Do not strive to get more housework done, vacuum one more room, pick up whatever you see on the floor, do one more load of laundry, etc.  No, this is the Sabbath day.  Whether you  believe in the day of rest or not, gift yourself with the present of presence for 5 minutes today.  5 precious minutes whereby you simply allow yourself to be quiet, to not be doing something, or planning something or thinking of something.  Clear your mind, close your eyes.  Be still.  Breathe.  Listen to the stillness.  In your heart, in your surroundings, in your soul.  Isn’t it grand?  Do you feel the peacefulness surrounding you like a warm, soft blanket of trust?  Do you feel the cocoon of wonder and beauty?  Can you breathe in the warmth of a summer’s day?  What are you experiencing?  Tell me.  What are you seeing when your eyes are closed?  Do you see the darkness in the light?  Or do you see the light in the darkness?  Can you feel serenity seeping into your bones?  Feel your heartbeat gently pumping?  Are you aware of each breathe you take and exhale?  Sometimes the sweetest moments are found within ourselves.  The wonder of the human body is not to be ignored.  You are a world unto yourself.  A tiny planet of miracles which exist daily and yet you run about blissfully unaware of the amazingness of you.  We are creatures of habit,  Willy nilly we roam in our busy lives, allowing unimportant fluff to take our energies and our awareness away from our own precious existence.  Reconnect with yourself daily.  It only takes five precious minutes to hold that strand of light inside of yourself and to harness the energy which you alone powerfully enable in your life.  So often we forget we hold the key to miracles within us.

Today on this day, be with yourself for 5 precious moments.  You are worth it. 

Shine On!