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Returning The Favor


Click here to see the episode about Carol Stark!

Today while on Facebook, I came across a post from Mike Rowe in my newsfeed for his new show called Returning the Favor.  I sat mesmerized and enthralled in this new show and in the concept of highlighting those who make connections, help others and do it all with love and understanding.

Click on Carol’s name above and take a look for yourself.  You are sure to be inspired!  We all have the ability to change lives and to help others.  When we shine our heartlights, we connect with love.  Take heart, there are lots of us out there like Carol!  Follow along with Mike’s new show!  I know I am going to be doing it!  What a feel good way to enjoy a tv show!

Shine On!


Unexpected Kindness…

unexpectedkindnessUnexpected kindness

is the most powerful,

least costly,

and most underrated agent

of human change.

~ Bob Kerrey

I recently had an old friend reach out to me.  She texted me, “I will take care of you,” in response to a concern of mine that we had been talking about that day.  In true text form, she added the emojis of pink double hearts and added, “love you.”

I don’t know why it hit me so hard that she replied out of the blue in that way, but it did.  To the core of my heartlight, her response, zinged me with a confetti of warmth, understanding, love and an overwhelming gratitude to her for her unexpected kindness.

Do you know what I mean?  Have you ever felt this way as well?

Sometimes, it’s the simplest offer of friendship and connection that helps us along the bumpy paths of life.  Knowing her, she simply reached out in kindness for that’s the type of person she is and she probably didn’t think twice about what she wrote to me as she is a kind-hearted loving human being and we have been friends for years, even though we don’t see each other too often.

I found the above image on Canva and just knew I had to share it today with you.  For you see, one small kindness delivered with a loving heart, can connect and raise up another’s heartlight.  My heart, even one day later, feels as if it is bursting with sunshine, hope, happiness, love and gratitude.

So today dear friends, I’m sharing her message with you, with the same loving heartlight…

I will take care of you…

Love you!

Shine On!


P.S.  Today’s post is dedicated to E.S. ♥  Love you too!

What Do You Believe? The Gnomist


This morning, the video below came to me via a friend and I had to pass it along to you.  It’s 17 minutes long and well-worth watching as the story line spans so many different lives, healings and wraps the art of kindness into a magical forest.  Fairies, forest and gnomes all rejoice!

For it’s December First ~ Repeat after me…Rabbit Rabbit ~ Today begins the magic, snow on our blogs, a festive spirit in the air ~ Here’s to hoping we continue it throughout the year!  Love to you all!

Shine On!


Wasting A Mind Away


Life is hard enough at times without problems with our minds.  This has been a big lesson to me as I’ve been taking care of my two Aunts (one of whom just passed).  Anna’s brain after her fall had irreversible brain damage and after a few days, her body shut down and she passed peacefully as you read here.  However, my other Aunt Mable is having a difficult time with her own mind as well.

It is sad and scary to watch a loved one lose their mind.  It is heart-wrenching to see a personality change as disease takes over a once loving, intelligent brain.  It is frustrating to keep patience as the person continues to distort reality and live in the past.  It takes loving patience to talk with gentleness and to skirt the truth of a situation when your own heart is hurting.  But we must do what is right for others, even when it is hard.

To tell my Aunt Mable that Anna has passed would be to subject her to such heartbreak and even the chance of a heart attack which is why we continue to tell her that Anna is resting.  For truth be told, Anna is resting with Jesus.  Aunt Mable looks for her often but is sometimes satisfied with the pat response that she is resting in another place for now and we need to let her rest.  In the next moment, she may be asking for Mama (her Mom who is deceased more than 30 years) and thinks that she needs to bring her supper.  Her agitation grows by leaps and bounds as she struggles to get out the door to bring her food.  When we tell her that Mama has been gone for a long time, she begins to cry and says she didn’t know.  Sometimes she will ask if she knew it and we gently nod.  Other times, we redirect the conversation by placating her and bringing up a happy memory for her because it is in the mind’s happy place that we’d rather she dwell.  But it isn’t easy.

Our minds are powerful tools as you may well know already.  They are muscles that need to be stretched as they are malleable and can grow as long as we keep them active.  Of course, dementia and alzheimers happens and I don’t know if there is much we can do to prevent those diseases of the brain, but I know that I will continue to work out my brain for as long as I can myself after what I’ve witnessed.

There are special angels on this earth disguised as health workers.  You can find them everywhere when you look for them.  Those are the ones that as Mama used to say, ‘are getting stars in their crowns’ for the afterlife.  They are gentle souls who kindly look after those whose minds are damaged.  They have infinite patience in situations whereby the minds of their patients are not making any sense.  They continue to roll with the situation no matter what is going on and their focus is on diffusing any agitation in a kind manner.  They even have the unfortunate instance when their patient can be violently determined to do something and they simply focus on protecting the one whose mind isn’t working instead of themselves.  I’ve witnessed countless acts of kindness recently and I am in awe of those whose calling it is to patiently love others who aren’t in their right minds.  It is a sight to behold when you can see a patient who is the only person hearing the music in her head dancing to a tune with a caretaker with a smile on her face ~ the sheer joy of presence in the moment ~ and love that knows no boundaries.

And isn’t that what life is all about?  Loving with no boundaries no matter the circumstance?  Accepting others in that moment and finding joy in the tune of life?  Cradling The Present of Presence and this special moment right here and now?  I find a reason to laugh every day and lately a reason to cry as well.  But my smile never fully goes away even though it fades now and again for I am here.  I am doing the best I can with every moment of everyday and I will continue until I pass myself.  Isn’t that our lesson?  To do the best we can with what we have right now?

Shine On!


Kindness ~ A true story


We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

~ Ronald Reagan

Yesterday our local grocery store was jam-packed with shoppers.  I guess because it is Monday and because it’s summer, (but it wasn’t a beach day) that there were more than the normal amount of shoppers busy filling their carts and trying to get through the aisles.  I don’t usually shop on a Monday for just that reason, but yesterday I need a few things and thought I’d just stop in.

Pressure was mounting believe it or not as busy people continued to try to get through the aisles and get their shopping done efficiently ~ you know the get in, get out type of shoppers?  Well, I had decided to just peruse every aisle, getting a little cool exercise in on a hot muggy day.  As I rounded the 4th or 5th aisle, I saw it was looking like an obstacle course, but because I needed an item, I decided to just go on through slowly.  It took some time as I smiled and even excused myself as I passed a few of the shoppers.  One woman in particular thanked me for excusing myself as I walked in front of her.  She commented how everyone seemed to be in such a hurry and were rude.  We just smiled with understanding and wished each other a good day.

There was a man up ahead, about 55 years old, standing in the middle of the aisle.  The 20-something aged lady in front of me was growing impatient.  I heard her loudly say, “excuse me” two times and then proceeded to try to pass him and his cart.  It was a tight squeeze and as she went past him, she clipped him on the heel.  He started, having been intent on searching for an item on the shelves and moved to let her by.  His face contorted in pain as she sailed by, knowing that she had hit him, but oblivious in her hurry.  She bustled past throwing over her shoulder, “I said excuse me twice and you didn’t move.”

I was behind them, having seen the whole event.  I walked over to him and simply asked if he was ok.  He turned to me and replied, “I’m sorry.  I had chemo this morning.  I guess I just didn’t hear her.”  Turning back towards the shelves he mumbled, “I can’t seem to find my favorite chili mix.”

Well, you know me…I had chemo, I love to help and he just had my heart immediately.  So I pushed my own cart off to the side behind his so that we were out of the way of other shoppers and I came up along side of him.

“Tell me what you’re looking for and let’s find it together,” I suggested as I walked next to him.

“I’m having 150 people to my home this weekend for my son’s graduation.  I’m a chef, well I used to be before chemo and I only like X chili mix and I can’t find it.  I know it’s here.”

“Well then we’ll find it,” I reassured him as my eyes scanned the shelves.  “I had chemo too so I know how hard it is to deal with and I’m impressed that you are here at the store already.  I hope you are taking good care of yourself.”

“You had chemo this morning too?”

“No, I had it 13 years ago, but I’m still here.  Hey, here’s the section for chili, but I don’t see the brand you want.”

He reached up and plucked a package from the shelves, “No, it’s not here, but this is my 2nd favorite brand.  I’ll use this.  Do you know that I weighed 400 pounds when I started chemo and now look at me.”  He must have weighed 200 pounds now.  “I lost so much weight during chemo, that’s the only part that’s been good.”

“I know, you men always lose weight and we women gain it during chemo.  I used to be a stick!” I replied giggling as he laughed with me.  “You know you should never eat your favorite meal the night before chemo because it won’t ever be your favorite again if you get sick the next day.”

“I never met a meal that wasn’t my favorite.”  We laughed as he rubbed his belly.  “And they’ve given me medical marijuana to help with the nausea.  Now I’m always hungry, but I am not gaining weight.”

“Well, whatever works!  Congratulations to your son and my best wishes to you for continued good health.”

“Thanks for being an angel to me.  God bless you,” he held out his hand to me. “Thank you for helping me.”

“God bless you sir and take good care of yourself, ” I replied squeezing his hand and reaching out my other hand to his arm and patting it.

We took a moment to smile at one another and then he turned away to his cart and I moved to mine.

I walked away smiling, feeling blessed, knowing that we connected and sparkled for a moment in eachother’s lives.  I can’t help the world, but I can help someone.  Every single day.

Shine On!






Welcome to Your Red Carpet


“Perhaps the world little notes nor long remembers individual acts of kindness, but people do.”
Author, Herm Albright

For those of you who enjoy an image for the day, here’s yours ~ this is your path today.  It’s your red carpet, strewn with bits of golden blessings.  Nature’s trees stand tall as sentries, lining your soft path ~ protecting you as you go about your life purpose today.   You can walk your path without worry.  The green canopy above acts like angel’s wings helping you to stay on your chosen path to do your highest good!

Enjoy every baby step you take today ~ enjoy the leaps and skips and hops that add sparkle to your steps!  Dance to the music in your head!  Go on, be happy!  Be kind!  Be YOU!

So swing your legs out of your bed, imagine your golden red carpet ahead & get on with your day! 

This is going to be a beautiful one for sure because you’re in it!

Shine On!