Versatile Blogger Award ~ Thank you!!

I am so honored to be given The Versatile Blogger Award!  Please join me as I smile and lift a champagne flute to toast to all of you in thanks for reading my blog and for even thinking of me (especially you Jo!)  And, so…playing by the rules like a good girl, I will…

If you accept the Versatile Blogger award, it is requested that you:

1.  Thank the rockstar who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.

2.  Tell 7 random things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 7 other fabulously versatile bloggers.

For Jo ~ my MoJo ROCKSTAR!  I am so excited to tell you about Momentum of Joy who nominated me.  Jo, you are so kind and caring…I just love the posts that you have written and I love your comments as well.  I feel like we are kindred writers who enjoy what we do!  Your posts make me feel like we are friends simply gabbing about life over coffee!  You inspire me and I love your truthfulness and the manner in which you write.  Thank you for your nomination and for thinking of me.  I am truly grateful and humbled.

Find your Mojo on Twitter @MoJoy98 and enjoy her incredible blog posts at

7 Hmmms about ME:

1.  I’ve started and stopped writing 3 books so far.  It seems like I excel at randomly writing blog posts instead of keeping focused on one train of events at a time!

2.  I love being a connector of people ~ it’s my passion, my job and I’m my own boss!   I love my life!

3.  I have experienced that feeling of KNOWING so much lately and I am humbled & blessed to feel that I am vibrating on such a positive path, surrounded by angels.

4.  I am so bad with directions that I could get lost in a paper bag!  Ha!

5.  I used to live in Spain ~ I feel like it’s my second home.

6.  We have 2 cats because I believe in the healing power of ‘fur therapy!’

7.  I am blessed with my amazing family, my friends and loved ones…and I am so truly grateful to have my blog read by all of you.   Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to read my posts!


1. ~ The first blog I ever started following 2 years ago, written by my childhood friend who continues to inspire me and so many others with her determination, her wisdom, her life and her beautiful family.   Thank you for always striving for more in every way…your momentum is moving mountains!

2. ~ You give me sound advice, enthusiastic support and a vast array of connections which make my life richer.  I love that we’ve reconnected!

3.  ~ My favorite place of inspiration for adding adventures to my Bucket List!  Life is to be LIVED ~ and the Bucket List is always being refilled here!  Contests included!

4. Your daily quote is something I look forward to every  day.  I like that I can click on any of your many categories and enjoy quotes for whatever theme I choose!

5. ~ Everyday is something new and different to spice up my health!  Such a great variety of feel good, eat better and all around enjoy life!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

6. ~ A great blog to follow, thoughtful quotes delivered almost daily to your inbox and an uplifting book series on the horizon!  Short stories ~ positive outcomes ~ from real people!

7. and ~ Journeys through breast cancer ~ we’ve connected through BC in remarkable ways!  Yet another ‘perk of cancer’ as we remain ‘mainely hopeful’ to continue to survive, to inspire and to carry on!

I hope you enjoy my  bloggers above and check them out!  What a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, to expand our knowledge and experiences and best of all ~ to CONNECT!

Please enjoy connecting with me via my blog

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