The Power of Mothers

I wish my Mom had lived longer. While I know I was blessed to have her here well into her 80’s, it wasn’t enough time. It never is when a beloved one passes away. I look at social media and see all of these people with their moms and I keep hoping that they know they need to treasure this time. Treasure it as life is short and Moms are precious. At least mine was. I hope to carry on that tradition of unconditional love and pass it along to my sons. I pray that one day, when I am gone, they will remember me fondly and be grateful for the time we spent together – as that’s how I feel about my own Mom.

She wasn’t perfect, but then none of us are, are we? She did her best under the circumstances and always, always, told us she loved us. Sometimes repeatedly as if she somehow knew that I would need to rely on those words years later. Shore them up for a later date when that child inside of me needed her Mommy. When I needed to remember how once long ago, I had a Mommy who loved me with her whole heart, for always and forever.

Because I don’t know if it’s the energies or Mother’s Day, but this morning, well, perhaps you can tell, I’m a bit teary. I’m missing my Mom. I’m missing being loved by my Mom. I’ve built a beautiful friendship team of women in my life. Most of us are now the matriarchs ourselves since our Moms passed already, but some have simply lost their Moms which is unfortunate. But what connects us, what we have in common, is the way in which we mother each other.

Yes, you read that right. I am part of a group of women who mother each other – kindly share, mentor, and understand when we feel that nobody else really does. We lead with kindness and supportive love with that imperceptible trusting motherly instinct of sending out comfort when needed. We even go as far as doing the Mom praise and maybe even a lil’ bit of the Mom nagging…LOL Some things just don’t change, do they? I mean, how could we call ourselves Moms if we didn’t do a bit of reminding? Ha Ha

We fill in the gaps that our Moms left. We united slowly, subtly over time. It’s been a beautiful journey, truly. Interestingly enough, not all of them know each other. What I mean is, they know of each other, but some have never met and yet, we are intertwined. Some are not Moms, having chosen to not have offspring, and yet they are Mom-like all the same. Perhaps it’s part of that feminine mystique that is so prevalent in women. We just have it in our genes to mother. We’re simply built that way.

So today, I raise my coffee cup in honor of the women in my life. The ones who have mothered me and who have allowed me to mother them. The ones who cared enough to stick around in the midst of chaos. My appreciation is deeper than they’ll ever really understand. Because kindness and feeling loved is more precious than anything. Don’t you think?

Shine On!


On Mother’s Day

This is the first official Mother’s Day without my Mom here on Earth. Last year, with the pandemic, we were unable to see her in person, but at least we could visit with her virtually which was a help, but still not enough. I longed to hug my Mom last year and this year the feeling is overwhelming as she is not here to hug.

I am one of those who feels with her whole heart and who thrives with affection. I am a huge hugger. I always have been as it is innate within me. I get that from my Mom who was also this way.

My Mom taught me so much in my life and I am forever grateful to her. She also loved with her whole heart unconditionally and accepted people for who they were without judgment. She had a strong faith in God and read her Bible, making sure she passed along the Psalms that were important to her. Years later, those Psalms are easily recited after years of repetition at bedtime as children.

I find myself a bit weepy lately. The phrase, “I just miss my Mom” repeats in my head and heart as I struggle this first Mother’s Day. Perhaps it is because her love was such an important part of my life. She gave love unconditionally. She always told us that she loved us, repeatedly. There was never a question in anyone’s heart if she loved them or not, because she did.

Her legacy not only rests within me, my children, and our family, but extends to so many others with whom she connected. I am proud that she was my Mom and that her kind, southern ways were cherished by so many people. She left a legacy of love that still lives within me.

God Bless those who love unconditionally with heartlights which shine brightly. Our world needs you!

Shine On!


To All The Moms

Copy of Copy of The Presents of Presence

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!  To all those women who are caretakers of others, whether they are your own children, your stepchildren or your fur babies or even if you are taking care of someone else.  Today we celebrate YOU!  Because being a Mom is a blessing!

I am blessed to be a Mom too and my children have been wonderful to me, especially today.  I am blessed to have my Mom here on Earth as well and it was great to see her virtually through the magic of technology even though we couldn’t visit in the same room.  The love that Mom radiates always envelopes me with a comforting hug.

Because the secret to being a good Mom is simple:  LOVE!  When we love ourselves and others, we are nurturing and love is the key to that precious feeling.  Unconditional love, without barriers, is the blessing beyond all other love.

So today, I feel tremendously grateful for the love I feel from my children, my Mom and from all the other women in my life who have reached out in kindness to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  We all unite in this moment together as women.

Take a few minutes to make your Mom feel special today.  Even if she is not here anymore, you can send up a prayer of appreciation for all she did for you.  She brought you into this world with a loving heart and did her best for you.

God Bless all the Moms today…Keep shining your heart lights!

Shine On!


Happy Mother’s Day


To all of the Moms out there who mother, cuddle, protect and love,

To all of the children out there who are mothered, cuddled, protected and loved,

To all those who through friendship, mother their friends,

I am grateful for you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on my blog.  But today, I am reaching out with my heartlight to connect with each and every one of you, to let you know that I am thinking of you.  To all of you who are mothers, and to all of you who have been mothered and to all of the women who mother others, I send you peace, love and nurturing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Shine On!


Ode to Mamas ‘Round the World

yvonneSOCHappy Mother’s Day!

There is something wonderfully special about Mother’s Day.  As a child, I loved celebrating my biological Mom because I loved her, looked up to her and knew that she appreciated our handwritten cards.  My Dad would always get her a box of chocolates and some flowers.  As an adult, I am grateful that I still have my Mom here to celebrate her on her day, but my view is different now that I am a Mom myself.  I am more in awe of all she accomplished as we were growing up and I relish saying, “Mommy” and hugging her.  Time flies by and I know that these moments are precious.

But I have been blessed in my life with many Mamas.  I heartily agree with Oprah, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”  Many women who are not my biological Mom have taken me under their wings to nurture, to love and to tenderly hold my hand through tragedies and triumphs.  My husband’s Mom is one of them.  Mom, as I also refer to her, has seen me through it all.  She is, all at once, wrapped up in a beautiful bow, my mom, my friend and my teacher.  She has treated me with love, understanding and goodness from the moment I met her.  She has taken me as if I were her daughter and I have eagerly relied on her as a Mom.  Our loving bond is such that many people think she is my mom and not my mother-in-law. ♥

Today, for me, is a united day ~ a day when all the women I know share a commonality which continues to flourish in our lives.  As caregivers, we share this day, whether we are biological Moms or not.  I remember years ago when my hubby was the soccer coach of our son’s team.  We had a game on Mother’s Day.  The soccer moms of our team were a united front ~ we were very close and on that day, without ever talking with each other, each of us brought a small gift for every one of the Moms on the team!  We had our own mini Mother’s Day celebration.  It was unlike any other Mother’s Day game I’ve ever been to because it was spontaneous, it was utmost caring at its pinnacle.  It is a memory that I cherish and every Mother’s Day I think of them and this morning was no exception.  My phone has been beeping with texts from them, as even though the team is long gone and many of our boys are not close anymore, we all still have that special bond.

Happy Mother’s Day my phone beeps with little ♥ and hugs and kisses xoxo.  It is that caring still that brings tears to my eyes.  It is special and I am grateful for the connections that we still keep.  And I think that’s what it’s all about ~ caring for each other, the way women do for others.  It’s about sharing love, kindness and respect.  It’s about being the best women we can be and holding each other’s hands while we do so.  It’s about applauding the triumphs and hugging when there’s sadness.  It’s about lending a hand, easing the pain and caring.  It’s about connecting, sharing and bonding over life.

So to all of the dear Moms out there today, thank you for all you do for your family and friends.  May the love you share come back to you today and everyday. 

You make a difference in the lives you touch.  I am blessed to know you and to love you!

Shine On!


P.S.  This is one of my favorite photos of me ~ it’s from that Mother’s Day soccer game.  Thanks SAngel for taking it! ♥


An Open Letter From Mom

36339468_To My Dearest Family,

It’s 5am and I’m up ~ you’d think that I’d want to sleep in especially on Mother’s Day, but not me.  It’s the perfect day for me to arise extra early and to just enjoy the peace and satisfaction that being a Mom has brought to me.  As I walked around the still house this morning, I quietly snuck into your rooms, fixed your blankets and gently kissed your sweet, sleeping faces.  I stood for a moment, staring at each of you, thinking how blessed I am to have you here with me.  For you see, I never thought I wanted to be a mom because my childhood wasn’t perfect and I didn’t think I’d be strong enough to be a good Mom.  It’s a shameful secret that I’ve carried for years in my heart.  Even when your Dad and I decided to become parents, I feared my dysfunctional past would affect you.

But, my love for your Dad made me believe in myself and we decided to try and God blessed us almost immediately with one son, soon followed by our second.

As I get my coffee and sit quietly in the family room, I look around at the soccer stuff piled in the corner and I smile.  Normally it would aggravate me to have so much all over, but nothing can change my gratitude today for it means that you are physically able to play sports, you are learning about being a part of a team and as a family, we are well enough to participate in your lives.  Your schoolbooks on the counter make me proud of all you’ve accomplished academically as well.  The emptied garbage can reminds me of how responsible you are and how proud I am that we work together as a family.

I look outside and I am reminded of days gone by with the swingset in the yard ~ how many happy moments did we spend with you!  Hearing your squeals of delight and demands of  “Push me higher!’ arise from my memory.  Time has flown by my dear sons.  It used to be that I carried you from place to place.  Scooping you up into my arms to tickle you or smother your faces with kisses.  Now I lay my head on your shoulders when we hug.  No matter how tall you get, you are still my precious little boys.

Today we will gather together and I will enjoy every blessed moment as you give me your special handmade cards with your heartfelt messages.  Knowing me, I will cry as usual and you will all laugh at me for being so sentimental ~ and I will smile through my tears ~ grateful for your loving embraces.  For you see, it’s all I’ve ever wanted although it’s taken me such a long time to realize it.

I only ever wanted to be a good Mom to you.

But it is to both of you,  to all of you (hubby included), to whom the gratitude belongs ~ to whom I should thank from my heart.

For in being your Mom, I am healed.  Your love and trust in me, made me a better person than I can even have hoped to be.  With your childhoods, I was able to heal my own.  For every happy hug you unconditionally gave me, a little piece of my heart healed and I felt loved as I gave love unconditionally.

Being your Mom allowed me to correct the past and to forge a perfect childhood for you ~ and for me.  That gift of being present with you was indeed a gift to myself as well.

Last night I thanked your Dad for making me a Mom and for believing in me.  I thanked him for helping me to raise our 2 incredible sons for whom we are so grateful and so proud.  You are 99% angels and 1% imps which is the perfect of combinations!

I am blessed to have given birth to you both and it is my pleasure to be blessed by you in my life.  It is you who made me a Mom and made this facet of my life so magical.  Every scrape, every boo boo that I kissed away, every triumph, and every single moment with you has been priceless to me.

So even though it’s Mother’s Day and it’ supposed to be all about the Moms ~ today it’s really about You ~ My Family!  For without a family, there would be no need for a Mom.

You Complete Me!

I Love You All!

Shine On!




Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

Photographers, share a photo that says mothering.

For All Sons and Daughters


I know it’s early, but as a Mom, daughter, daughter-in-law and aunt, I think it’s an important day to honor the women in your life.  Now as a woman, I think we ‘get it’ especially if we’re moms, but for those of you who find that Mother’s Day sneaks up on you, I have an easy, fun and inexpensive solution that will make you want to hug me!  Let me help you ROCK Mother’s Day this year ~ let’s take the opportunity to reach out to the “Most Important Woman In Your Life” to tell her how much she means to you.  She can be the woman who gave birth to you, the woman who raised you, the woman who loves you, the woman with whom you’ve had children.

Just to list a few:

Mom, Grandma, Godmother, Mother-in-law, Step-mother, Wife

Friend who acts  like your Mom, your sister who’s a Mom, your daughter who’s a Mom, your Great Aunt who’s like a Mom

Perhaps you have 2 Moms, the Mom of your children…I could go on and on!

When you think about it, you may have many women to acknowledge this year on May 12th!

So, let me help you make it easy.  Stay right there on your computer.  It doesn’t matter what time it is nor where you live for you can send a real paper card directly from your computer right now in time for Mother’s Day.  You can even send a video of the kids or of yourself!  You can send jewelry, Mrs. Field’s cookies, a book, a special coffee mug or even a gift card!  You can even make something special for Mom in the photostore ~ have a special picture?  Upload the photo, click and position it on the canvas print or a coffee mug or a t-shirt and press add to cart!  Voila ~ personalized gift made and mailed for you with the click of a button!

There are no excuses to miss Mother’s Day this year!  You don’t need to go out and peruse cards at the store ~ you can do that here on your computer with SendOutCards!  You can choose from our card catalog or you can make your own card ~ use your own pictures ~ your own videos ~ and make cards for all of the Moms in your life!  It doesn’t take a computer wiz to do it either ~ there’s an easy tutorial to help you or just click and drag!  My kids make their cards this way and find it to be so much fun!  You can too!

Just Click HERE!   The account is free, you pay for what you need and your card is printed, stuffed into an envelope, stamped, addressed and mailed for you ~ and you can even add a gift if you choose.  Instead of paying big bucks at the card store, finding a stamp, then finding a gift and mailing it all on time, why not let your new SOC (SendOutCards) assistant do it for you!?  Save some money for yourself and Mom ~ she’ll be so proud that you did!

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

Send your card today so that it gets there in time!

Shine On!


The video below is from SkitGuys ~ for Mothers of Sons, this is a must see ~ and for sons of Moms, this one’s for you too!  Heck, it’s for anyone with a Mom.  Thanks to TheSkitGuys, you never disappoint! ♥